New SolidWorks 2014 Weldment Profiles


With the release of SolidWorks 2014, the way that weldment profiles were controlled was completely overhauled. I would suggest anyone who uses weldments, and who is using 2014, to change over to the new way of working.

CHS Image

If we take a look at a previous weldment profiles in 2013 and before, like CHS Pipe, there were 82 individual files representing all the available sizes. If you wanted to add a custom property to these profiles, it would be quite a time consuming task to modify all the individual files. Additionally, if you wanted to add a size you would need to save the file as a new name, and then modify the dimensions.

If you were using data management systems or maintaining the files in other ways, it was a large volume of data to manage.

Now, with 2014, we have the ability to create configurable weldment profiles, each different size of profile is contained as a configuration within one file. We can also include these within design tables, so adding additional sizes and properties is a much faster process.

If we look below at the BSI standard profiles in 2014, we now have a single file for CHS and each other standard – so a much more streamlined file system.


With some of the demonstration data we received for the 2014 rollouts, we gained a set of fully configured profiles for the following standards ANSI, AS, BSI, CISC, DIN, GB, ISO and JIS. These don’t seem to be available through the additional SolidWorks content just yet, but we have attached them here (Configured Weldment Profiles) for you to use.

Once you have extracted the content onto your system, we can add the location into the options for SolidWorks. Go to Tools -> Options -> File Locations, and then drop the top box down and select “Weldment Profiles” add in the location where you have placed the files. You will then see these new profiles when you use the structural member tool within a weldment part.

These particular profile folders have been suffixed with “Configurations” so they should be easy to spot.

To give you an overview of how the system picks these up, the standards box reads the folder name, the type box will pick up the file, and the size box will now read the configuration data from within the file.

You can still keep the old location of your existing weldment profiles present, so you can run a combination of old and new.

Another benefit here is that because each profile you use is based on one part, if you do decide to change your profile size, the position of the profile is remembered because you are using the same part (just a different configuration)

We certainly find the new system a lot easier to use, and much easier to manage. Hopefully with the profiles we have attached it will help you to get changed over to the new system a little bit faster.

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