CircuitWorks and Flow Simulation Working Together

When you think about it, it makes sense that different parts of our SolidWorks Software work together to make a total package. Keeping in this tradition, in 2014 CircuitWorks and Flow Simulation work together to make your life easier.

2014 Flow Simulation now imports the CircuitWorks component properties and applies them automatically as boundary conditions in your Flow Simulation setup. Previously these properties would be input manually. Now we can import ECAD file PCB or Component Thermal Properties to Flow Simulation.

Circuit Board
Sample Circuit Board Created with CircuitWorks.

Some of the properties that can be directly utilized from CircuitWorks are, Dielectric and Conductor Density, Specific Heat, Conductivity for PCBs, and Conductivity for Volumetric Heat Sources.

Circuit Board Thermal Flow
Sample of Thermal Analysis Performed in Flow Simulation on a 3D Model Created in CircuitWorks

There are two import options to consider if you want to bring properties from CircuitWorks into Flow Simulation:

  • Right-click Heat Sources and select Import volume source from model. Select the heat sources to import in Item properties.
  • Right-click Printed Circuit Boards and select Import Printed Circuit Boards from model. Select the PCBs to import in Item properties.
Import Interface
Import Options in CircuitWorks

If you are doing Flow Simulation on Electronics Enclosures check out the new CircuitWorks import options.  This new feature is a great time saver.  Manually adding these properties on a typical circuit board (100?s of components) is tedious and time consuming.  CircuitWorks integration brings this task down to a few simple clicks.

Robert Warren is a SolidWorks Elite Application Engineer, Certified SolidWorks Expert, and CAE Specialist at 3DVision Technologies, a SolidWorks Value Added Reseller with locations throughout Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. He is a regular contributor to the 3DVision Blog.

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