Lock Rotation Option with Concentric Mate Option

Here is an option that locks the rotation of a part when adding a Concentric Mate. For example, it is very common for screws, bolts and/or washers to be coincident with another entity such as a flat surface, while being concentric to a hole. Since the part turns on itself, at times it is necessary to block this rotation by using the “lock rotation” option.

Lock the rotation when creating the Concentric Mate
When you use the “Mate” feature, and you have selected two cylindrical faces, SolidWorks provides the concentric constraint by default. It also adds the shortcut menu appears as the “lock rotation” option. This option is also available in the Property Manager. By clicking on this option, the part is blocked from rotating. Therefore, you won’t need to add a parallel constraint between two planes to lock the rotation.


Also, it should be noted that the mate in the FeatureManager design tree displays a different symbol. The inner circle in the concentric symbol is shaded when the lock rotation option is active. The “-” symbol will no longer appear before the part in the design tree, thus indicating that the part has been fully constrained.



Lock rotation after adding the constraints
If you have already added the mates and you have forgotten to check the option, you can always do so later on. Select the part to lock from the menu that appears on the screen and choose “View mates,” a selection window will open with the concentric mate. Simply right click on the constraint and select the “Lock rotation” option.



Lock rotation of all constraints in an assembly
Finally, if you open an assembly created by a co-worker who is not familiar with this option you can apply this option to lock all mates. Select the batch of concentric mates you wish to lock and click on “Lock Concentric Rotation.” The option will be applied for all the mates in the assembly.



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