EPDM – Simplifying Workflows using Workflow Links – Joe Medeiros, CSWE

In order to adhere to the procedures that design must follow, a Workflow can be complex.

Complex Workflow


These Workflows can be hard to follow, which can make them difficult to create or modify. Often these workflows can be broken into logical sections. By taking these sections and making them into separate workflows, the complexity of the main workflow can be greatly reduced.

Workflow Links


A Workflow Link can be added in order to send a file to a separate  workflow, that represents a logical section of the main workflow. While in this workflow the file must progress through a series of states, before it is finally release back to the main workflow.

Creating a Workflow Link is similar to creating a State or a Transition.

New Workflow Link


When creating a Workflow Link, the target Workflow and State is specified.

Workflow Link Properties


Permissions are controlled by the target State.


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