SolidWorks Tech Tip: A Change in Perspective

Have you ever imported a part or started a design and then wanted to change the part’s orientation to better fit with your overall design intent? If so, SolidWorks makes this easy following these simple steps.


Step 1. Position the part or assembly in your view-port to the desired orientation.

Step 2. Press the space bar to activate the View Orientation menu. Along the top ribbon bar of this menu is an Icon for “Updating Standard Views.” Highlight the view that you want to replace.


In this example, I have replaced the standard Front view of the assembly with an “odd” isometric just to show that it could be done. This works for both parts and assemblies. All other views are projections of this current view.

If you want to get back to where you started, simply press the space bar again, bringing up that same menu, and choose the icon for “Restoring the Views” back to their original orientation.

I hope you find this quick tip useful. Remember: it’s the little things!



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