Taskbar Icons That Behave

If you’re anything like me, as soon as you install a new piece of software, you make sure your Desktop, Taskbar and Start Menu are set the way you like to you can get to your tools anytime you need.

For me, the REALLY important tools go on my Taskbar. These are things like Outlook, my ‘current’ Web Browser, Camtasia, and of course, SolidWorks!

Since Windows 7 arrived, I’ve noticed a bit of an annoying behavior when it comes to some default icons and how they appear and function that is something to which I have a really simple solution.

“So what’s the Problem?!”

When nearly every software application is installed, it either puts desktop icons there by default, or it gives you a choice in one of the installation steps.

The first thing I do with the icons of IMPORTANT tools is a simple right-click “Pin this program to taskbar”. The rest are either deleted since they are in ‘All Programs’ anyway, or I move them to a Quick Launch folder so I can easily get to them but they don’t clutter my Desktop.

Anyway, back to the Task Bar Icon… The trouble I run into with many icons on the taskbar becomes apparent the first time one launches an application and a SECOND taskbar icon appears at the right end of the row.

Now, instead of a single icon showing the program is launched and containing thumbnails of any open files… you are left with an annoying interface anomaly.

The ‘fix’ is simple

The ‘fix’ to this annoying behavior is fortunately very simple.

When that pesky ‘second icon’ appears, just RIGHT-CLICK it and select “Pin this program to taskbar”… then right-click the ‘other’ icon and UNPIN it by selecting “Unpin this program from taskbar”!

When you close all of your files the newly ‘pinned’ icon will remain and you can use this to start your next SolidWorks session. Now you will have a taskbar icon that does it all and doesn’t make a confusing mess of your Windows interface.

Use this technique with the taskbar icons of any programs that exhibit this same behavior.


Darin Grosser is a SolidWorks Elite Application Engineer, Certified SolidWorks Expert and a senior member of the technical staff at DASI Solutions, a SolidWorks Value Added Reseller with locations throughout Michigan and Indiana. He is a regular contributor to the DASI Solutions Blog.

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