3 Things SolidWorks Users Need to Consider When Purchasing a New Computer

So your computer is a little out dated. Maybe it’s time to think about a new one? But with all those choices, where do you start? And, how do you make sure it will work with SolidWorks 2014? Well, this blog is here to help.

Is it time to update your computer?

Stage One: How to Convince the Boss your Computer isn’t up to the Job Any Longer

Yes, there is a tool for this. It is called the “SolidWorks Performance Test”. You can find it in Start -> All Programs -> SolidWorks -> SolidWorks Tools. Or you can just search for it in your start menu.

SolidWorks Performance Test 2014

But before you run it, do these two things:

  1. Make sure you have 20-30 minutes to let your computer run the test.
  2. Reboot your machine right before you run the test.

Once the test is done it will give you a score. This score will mean little to your boss but don’t fret, you now have the option to compare your results with other SolidWorks users. This will allow you (and your boss) to see how your computer stacks up. If you are curious you can see the results others have ran here.

Alright, now you know how your old PC stacks up and convinced your boss you need a new one. Now what?

Stage Two: How to Decide on a New Computer

There are many different computers out there, but as a SolidWorks user it really comes down to three questions when considering a purchase:

  1. Does SolidWorks Support it?
  2. How well does it run SolidWorks?
  3. Does it meet your personal preferences?

So here are some references to help you figure those things out.

1. Does SolidWorks support it?

a. A great webpage to look at is SolidWorks Support – System Requirements. This will list out all the System Requirements needed for your new PC.
b. Another important web page is SolidWorks Support – Video Card Testing. This will help you weed out any graphics cards that have not been tested with SolidWorks. An unsupported graphics card can cause SolidWorks to be slow, glitchy or even crash so make sure you check on this!

2. How well does it run SolidWorks?

a. Go back to the Share Your Score webpage from Stage One and check out what some of the top scoring computers were. You will be able to see brands with model numbers, graphics cards, the amount of memory and so on! It is a great place to find a computer that will run SolidWorks to its fullest!

3. Does it meet your personal preferences?

a. Personal preference is a big thing. I recommend testing out a computer before you buy it. I know our IT manager was able to negotiate a test period with some of the computer manufactures in the past. See if your IT/Purchasing Department can do the same. Nothing is worse than getting a new laptop and finding out you hate the location of the Delete button or some other nuance that can’t be changed.

I hope this helps you in your quest for a new SolidWorks PC! Happy Shopping!

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