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New idea submission will end on December 16, 2013 The voting phase will follow, ending January 15, 2014.

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Spotlight on features – Universal Keywords for suppress and unsuppress states

Is it possible to specify universal keywords for suppress and unsuppress states of features’ parts and assemblies’ components in Design table?


My Company has different sites around the World. Different sites use SolidWorks in different languages. We need to use universal parameters for suppressing and unsuppressing states in Design table so that:

– suppress and unsuppress states keywords can be understood in all the company sites;

– files created and/or edited using SolidWorks in a Language A do not have any issue and can be edited in a machine using SolidWorks in a Language B.


From SolidWorks 2014, users can substitute the numerical value ‘1’ for the string suppressed, and ‘0’ for the string unsuppressed. The shortcuts will be accepted in all the systems and SolidWorks languages that can be installed. See image below:

universal keywords for suppress and unsuppress states of features

Refer to SolidWorks What’s New 2014 at Shortcuts for Suppressing Items in Design Tables for more references.

Spotlight on features – Corner Relief improvement in version 2014

SolidWorks 2014 introduced a new Corner Relief functionality . It is a standalone feature which can be applied to a sheet metal body in the folded state regardless of the sheet metal feature.

The available corner relief types are the following:

corner relief types

The functionality can apply reliefs to all the body’s corners, or can be used to apply reliefs to specific corners. The user interface is geared towards a full automatic approach. Let’s look at the full automatic approach.

After selecting the Corner Relief command, the feature automatically selects the   first body created in the part (Fig. 1)

Screen Capture

Fig. 1

The user must click the “Collect all corners” button. The corners are collected   in the feature manager and displayed in the body (Fig. 2)

Fig 2

Fig. 2

The manual –or individual bend selection – approach is a bit more complex.

After   clicking the command, the user must click inside the “Define Corner” group   box (Fig. 3)

 Fig 3

Fig. 3

The user must select the bends leading to the desired corner relief and click the   “New Corner” button (Fig. 4)

 Screen Capture

Fig. 4

The user is now ready to select the corner relief type and options (Fig. 5)

 Fig 5

Fig. 5

Service Pack News

Service Pack 1.0 of version 2014 has been released. It fixes many issues and increases performance, but it also adds some usability improvements. They will improve your experience working with SolidWorks. Here is a short list of such enhancements:

SolidWorks Simulation

  • SPR 733555: Improvements to Coordinate system display of Connector output forces
  • SPR 596900: Allow selection of reference geometry for an orthotropic material after selecting multiple bodies

SolidWorks Plastics

  • SPR 673040: Plastics Report is missing the Cycle Time in the Summary: FLOW Result section

Enterprise PDM

  • SPR 439266: Make available the option to modify the default highlighting color in PDMWorks search results.


Noteworthy Solutions from the SolidWorks Knowledge Base

icon - SW  What method (reference) is used to create a mirror component feature with the ‘Create opposite hand version’ option NOT checked?

In SolidWorks 2013  and previous versions, the center of mass of the part (or the subassembly, if   the subassembly was mirrored) was used for the mirror reference. See a   complete description of this behaviour in the Knowledge Base Solution S-054705.   The solution contains also a simple assembly file for better understanding.From SolidWorks   2014 the user has the ability to choose ‘Center of Mass’ or ‘Bounding Box’ of   the model as the mirror reference. See image ‘mirror SW 2014’ in attachment.The Bounding Box   option is typically used for asymmetric components and gives a better   (expected) result in those cases. It encompasses the mirrored component in a   bounding box and calculates its orientation to the bounding box center.Using the same   simple assembly file from the solution S-054705, the user can expect a   solution as ‘Center of mass.png’ or ‘Bounding Box.png’ (this last in case of   setting ‘Bounding Box’ option).Refer to   SolidWorks Help at “Mirror Components PropertyManager Step 2: Set   Orientation” and What’s New 2014 at “Mirroring Asymmetric Components”.Please, consider   both options when mirroring in assembly.From Solution ID: S-064504 Miror components

icon - SW “SolidWorks 2014 is not supported on the Windows Vista operative system and will not be installed..” error message comes up when installing Solidworks 2014 in Windows 7.

Check if the option to run the software with compatibility setting is enabled (it should not). Verify both setup.exe and sldim.exe are not running in compatibility mode:

Right mouse button on the each EXE – choose Properties, then select “Compatibility” tab – and verify this is disabled.

If you are installing from the DVD, copy the files in local (for example desktop). Before launching the installation from the local folder, check the compatibility option is not turned on in setup.exe.

From Solution ID: S-064514

Icon - EPDM What could prevent a new Enterprise PDM serial number being generated by the SolidWorks EPDM Add-In when using save or save as from SolidWorks?

An issue has been identified with new serial numbers not being generated if a user browses into an EPDM local vault view from the SolidWorks ‘save’ or ‘save as’ dialog using a Windows favourites shortcut link.  A workaround is to browse into the vault using the full local vault view path on a physical drive (e.g. C:\VaultName).

See KB solution S-064522 for more information.

icon - Plastics Starting in SolidWorks Plastics 2014, where can Machine Settings be found?

In SolidWorks Plastics 2014, the Machine Settings dialog is no longer available directly through the Plastics study tree. Instead, it can be found under Fill Settings > Advanced > Machine Database.

From Solution ID: S-064285

icon - Flow Simulation How to create a multiple plot eDrawing in SolidWorks Flow Simulation?

Starting with Flow Simulation 2014, users can now create multiple plot eDrawings (older versions do not have this capability). After running the model and opening the results please follow the steps given in Solution ID: S-064231

multiple plot eDrawing in Flow Simulation

If I have a model where my geometry and loads/boundary conditions are either half symmetric or quarter symmetric, can SolidWorks Simulation take advantage of this?

Yes, SolidWorks Simulation can handle symmetry in the various study’s / model. As a general rule, the requirements to

be able to cut the model to use symmetry are that geometry, loads, boundary conditions, materials and expected deformed shape should be symmetric.

Solution Id: S-019632 explains in detail along with illustrations about how to take advantages of Symmetry Boundary conditions in SolidWorks Simulation and to apply the structural load if symmetry is used.

This article helps user to understand the alternative ways to apply symmetry on Solid and Shell element thru simple examples.

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