Take the Pain out of Complex Patterns

A customer recently brought an example along to a SolidWorks training lesson of a pattern where the rebuild time was a little long. This made me think of all the advice I’ve been lucky enough to find over the years and below is my attempt at condensing it down to a video of less than 10 minutes.

In Summary my Advice would be

  • Pattern features rather than sketch entities if possible
  • If Patterning features with an end condition such as up to next/ up to surface try ticking the “Geometry Pattern” box
  • If a pattern overlaps another feature (even if instances are skipped) try either reordering features to avoid this or ticking geometry pattern
  • Patterns of bodies are often much quicker and more robust than patterns of several features.
  • Cosmetic Pattern options are available where you do not need to physically create the pattern

This pulls video together information from various blog posts and SolidWorks World presentations by the likes of Josh Altergott, Phil Sluder and Ed Eaton, which they have shared over the years but others may have missed.

Alan Sweetenham.

Applications Engineer at Solid Solutions Management

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