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Top Questions and Issues

What could cause “application is dispatching an input-synchronous call”, “‘Unable to open master database” and other similar errors when opening files from Enterprise PDM vault via double-click or RMB Open in SolidWorks 2013?

If you are using SolidWorks 2013 SP0-SP4 and double-click (or right-click, Open) files to open them into an existing running SolidWorks session you may experience random errors or hangs when the files are being opened.

Some examples:

  • The message ‘An outgoing call cannot be made since the application is dispatching an input-synchronous call’ appears on open file
  • ‘Unable to open master database due to the following database access error:’ opening assembly with toolbox parts and ‘no preview during open’ is on

The likely cause of all these issues stem from the SolidWorks file launcher (SWShellFileLauncher) process that was introduced in SolidWorks 2013 and it is normally associated as the default application to open SW file types.  When double-clicking (or right-click open) files to launch them into an existing SW session, these problems could often be triggered.

In most cases, the problem only affects opening files into an existing running SolidWorks session.   Opening files when session is not running, or by drag-and-drop or file, open  usually does not trigger the issue  –  which is why it often is random in nature.

The problem can happen in Enterprise PDM, Workgroup PDM and standalone environments.


SolidWorks 2014 SP0 and 2013 SP5 includes modifications to the  way the SW file launcher works that should address all these problems.

So if you are dealing with random behavior during open in SolidWorks 2013 – it’s worth verifying if the behavior changes depending on “how” you open the files

  • Into existing session.
  • As a new session.
  • Via double-click (rmb, open).
  • Via drag-and-drop.
  • Via file, Open.

Chances are the problems are isolated to double-click (rmb, open) and if so, should be fixed in SW 2013 SP5 and 2014 SP0. update

My.SolidWorks has just become an even more central source for everything about SolidWorks: it now lets SolidWorks users search the SolidWorks Knowledge Base and the SPR database (once logged in). Use the highlighted buttons below to filter these result types.

my.solidworks UI

Service Pack News

Service Pack 5.0 of version 2013 has been available in EV for two weeks now. Click here to review and test it before general release.

It will be officially released later this month, and so will SolidWorks 2014 SP0.0.

SolidWorks World 2013 proceedings – Part 3

The SolidWorks World 2013 proceedings are available online. You can watch breakout session videos, download breakout session presentations and check out photos from this year’s event. Also available, the 2013 highlights video and videos from the general session each day.

The technical presentations are a great way to learn how to best use your SolidWorks products and discover new ways to improve your designs. The time invested watching these videos will undoubtedly pay off real soon!

Here is a selection of available presentation videos in the Data Management category:

  • Managing Your Enterprise PDM Sites
  • Project Management with Enterprise PDM
  • Extending Enterprise PDM beyond the LAN
  • What’s New in SolidWorks Enterprise Data Management for 2013?
  • Data Management 101 for System Admins
  • Enterprise Bill-of-Material Management for Products Designed with SolidWorks
  • Everything You Need to Know about SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Archives
  • Enterprise PDM SQL Server Performance Considerations
  • Using Templates to Improve Your Time Management and Error Rate
  • Different Customization Approaches and Options for SolidWorks Enterprise PDM
  • Improve Design Re-use with SolidWorks PDM
  • SolidWorks Integration Best Practices
  • Exploring EPDM Tasks — Working with and Developing Tasks in EPDM

To watch them,  go to  SolidWorks World 2013 proceedings, click Presentations & Videos, select Data Management as the category and click the Search button. Finally, click the session title you desire.

Noteworthy Solutions from the SolidWorks Knowledge Base

icon - SW How do I upgrade from 3DVIA Composer to SolidWorks Composer?

3DVIA Composer was re-branded as SolidWorks Composer in February 2013. Along with the name change, product imagery and licensing was also changed. SolidWorks Composer’s employs SolidWorks’ activation-based licensing technology to streamline and automate the licensing process. As a result, we urge you to upgrade from your 3DVIA Composer to SolidWorks Composer so that you can take advantage of the automated licensing.

The procedure to follow can be found in Solution ID: S-063655.

icon - SW How are customized properties added quickly to a part with multi body weldments?

Solution S-062376 offers a simple macro for customizing the properties for the multi body weldments.

It makes a parsing into the current 3D Part and permits to insert the wanted property in each structure.

It wants to provide only a generic description how to implement this process  in SolidWorks by VBA macro, but anyway more details are available into the “Help – API Help Topics”.

icon - SW Why can’t I see the SolidWorks sub menu when I right click on a file in Windows 8 File Explorer?

You need to define the correct file association in the Operating System to link SolidWorks files with the new SolidWorks Launcher helper application.

Right click on the SolidWorks file in File Explorer and use the “choose default program” option to then select SolidWorks Launcher for ‘all files of this type’.

Once done this will give you access to the familiar SolidWorks sub menu containing Pack and Go, Rename, Replace and Move.

The full procedure is given in solution ID: S-064092.


icon - Simulation Where can the Theoretical Manual for SolidWorks Simulation be found?

In SolidWorks Simulation 2014, an updated Theoretical Manual for Simulation was introduced. In the SolidWorks menu, go to Help > SolidWorks Simulation > Validation > Theoretical Manual.

From solution Id:  S-063820

icon - Flow Simulation Heat Pipe – Technical explanation

Version 2011 introduced a new type of feature, called the Heat Pipe. It is only available with the Electronics Module for SolidWorks Flow Simulation. With this semi-automatic procedure, you can define heat pipes very efficiently.



The full article containing definition and technical explanation is available in pdf format, in the attachment tab of Solution ID: S-063969.

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