Quicker Access to Tools = Quick Productivity Gains

SolidWorks development has never been known to write code and then never look at it again. In SolidWorks 2014, there are dozens of enhancements that simply refine access to existing tools, eliminating countless button picks that translate to real and immediate productivity gains.

Let’s take a look at a few…

Options without triggering a tool or editing a feature

By simply using the CTRL button to do a multi-pick, users now have instant access to Mate tools using SolidWorks 2014 Quick Mates.

Just do a standard Windows multi-pick and you are served a menu with appropriate mates relative to what you’ve selected. No need to initiate a mate operation.
SolidWorks 2014 quick matesSimply by selecting a part in the graphics area or the Feature Manager gives you instant access to the Configurations of that part.
Configurations access

Selecting a Subassembly also yields an instant list of the Configurations, as well as a button to set the Subassembly as “Flexible.”
Subassembly access
Subassembly pick

Right-click any Concentric Mate in the Feature Manager or View Mates tool and you can instantly activate the Lock Rotation option… no need to edit the mate.
Mates access

These are just a few of the common operations a user would perform several times a day. It just goes to show that SolidWorks development will never be satisfied with how easy the software is to use. Nothing is sacred… everything is subject to change.

‘Easy’ can always be ‘Easier’!


Darin Grosser is a SolidWorks Elite Application Engineer, Certified SolidWorks Expert and a senior member of the technical staff at DASI Solutions, a SolidWorks Value Added Reseller with locations throughout Michigan and Indiana. He is a regular contributor to the DASI Solutions Blog.

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