What’s New in Electrical Schematic Designer R2024x FD02

Unlike other electrical design tools, Electrical Schematic Designer is made for both SOLIDWORKS and CATIA users, especially those involved with electro-technical design, including jobs such as generating machinery electrical systems, control panels and cabinets.

New enhancements in the Electrical Schematic Designer R2024x functional delivery (FD) 02 help bridge the gap between the mechanical and electrical worlds. For people that develop complex electrical-mechanical products that will be a huge benefit and improved product development experience, and I’ll tell you more below.

Save Product Structure – get a full view of your overall product design.

You can now save both your electrical project and the information on electrical parts in your schematic that describe the product structure to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

Even though this is coming from schematic (2D only) it can be combined with the product structure from the 3D mechanical design that includes mechanical parts such as pumps, tanks, etc., as part of the product structure – all on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

And because the schematic-based electrical product structure is combined with the mechanical product structure, design changes automatically update. This eliminates the need for error prone, manual efforts to combine outputs from different electrical and mechanical design tools each time a design change is made.

Other members of the design team can then view your product’s overall product structure using other tools on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, including the Product Structure Explorer app, Relations app and more.

Use the Product Release Engineer role to create a unified electrical and mechanical bill of materials (BOM) to get a full view of the content required to build your product. These tools then provide a gateway to additional capabilities on 3DEXPERIENCE including process and manufacturing planning.

View the overall product structure on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform using the Relations app, using either the tabular or graphical views.


New Tool to Import Electrical Content – speed up importing new and existing electrical content.

Import existing or new electrical content with full details using a Microsoft® Excel-based template, customizable for different electrical classification types. For example, you can import circuit and terminal information for parts, and cable core information for cables.

Using this enhanced template method provides a flexible way to import manufacturer’s part information into your library.

Save time by importing new manufacturer part and wire/cable information from other sources using a new Excel-based configurable template.


That’s a glimpse of what’s new in Electrical Schematic Designer for 2024x FD02 and an example of our regular introductions of new enhancements throughout the year. Regular updates are one thing that is great about our cloud-connected solutions, including Electrical Schematic Designer, as well as our browser-based solutions in the 3DEXPERIENCE Works portfolio. That goes for SOLIDWORKS too, as new enhancements are now included in service packs.

See the other enhancements added this year in my last blog here.

To learn more please visit the Electrical Schematic Designer page.

To learn more about future directions in electrical design, check out this on-demand webinar: https://www.solidworks.com/media/future-schematic-design-tools-cloud-data-management.

Eric Leafquist

Eric Leafquist

Eric Leafquist is a Senior Product Manager at SOLIDWORKS involved with electrical and routed systems, along with other areas of the product. Prior to joining SOLIDWORKS, he held various positions in electro-mechanical product design and engineering in the chemical process industry. In his free time, he enjoys cycling on his Trek road bike (designed with SOLIDWORKS) for cancer research fundraising events.