Cloud Services Gives You Data Management And Control That Fits Your Needs

Have you already explored Share and Markup and Store and Revise capabilities included with Cloud Services? Does your business have more advanced data management needs that go beyond data sharing and secure storage? Cloud Services has you covered with full access to a suite of tools to help manage data, work through formal change actions and approvals, and keep project tasks in check. Cloud Services scales with you, no matter your needs.

It’s about control of our parts, control of our inventory, control of our bills and materials. To maintain the quality of our product control is really important. But we have to do it in the Bowhead way, in a way that works for us. We have to have a certain amount of structure and control. The platform has been really useful for us in that way.”

– Roger McPherson, Vice President of Engineering, Bowhead Corp.

If you require a more robust solution to control your data and ensure all stakeholders can work together to initiate changes with formal approvals, Manage and Control capabilities have you covered. You can use the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to manage changes with change management apps like the Change Execution and Issue Management apps.

For example, when a design is finished and ready to be submitted for approval but needs to be approved by various managers there are tools to help you easily achieve that.

Or say you’re getting ready to release a new design, but there are issues to fix. Without Cloud Services you’d email the engineer the markups and a week goes by, and it doesn’t look like anything has changed. You ask your colleague, who says they never saw the email. Sound familiar? With Cloud Services and the 3DEXPERIENCE platform you have access to the Issue Management app to alleviate those types of situations.

Using the app, you can simply tag someone in your organization to an issue, and they’ll get a 3D notification with additional details. Clicking the link in the notification will take you right to the issue in question. Simple as that.

Or if you need a higher level of documentation for International Organization for Standardization (ISO) audits and everything that you’ve done throughout this past year, that’s what the Change Execution and Issue Management apps allow you to do.

“In terms of 3DEXPERIENCE, our data is on a single platform. Now that it has become cloud data, all our production teams with us and our fabrication teams can find it out very easily, and we can see how much work is completed from the design team. In fact, if we need to comment on it, we can do so easily. Apart from that, if there is a new change all our production teams can comment on it. We get a notification, and we get to work on it easily.”

– Nitin Kumar, Head of Design, WAE Corp.

Explore our Tutorial Videos to get started with Manage and Control.

In short, you can’t outgrow Cloud Services. As your needs grow, Cloud Services also provides you with access to 3DEXPERIENCE Works, a product innovation portfolio of industry-leading tools for design, simulation, data management and manufacturing, enabling everyone involved in product development to contribute to the innovation process. Contact your Reseller Partner to learn more.

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