PES Performs Advanced Simulations Faster and Wins New Business with 3DEXPERIENCE Works

Practical Engineering Solutions (PES) provides just what its name indicates. The Louisiana-based design and engineering consultancy was founded in 2010 and stands apart from competitors by maintaining rigorous standards and procedures to deliver reliable results with timely turnarounds and on-time deliveries.

In late 2021 PES had the opportunity to work on a 40′ x 100′ cargo ship stern-mounted ramp that would be used to load and offload 40′ containers. The ramp weighed approximately 350,000 pounds and was divided into three main weldments. “The problem was too big for our existing simulation tools,” recalls Operations Manager Tyler Cook. “Complicating matters was the fact that the customer needed the project to be completed in six weeks.”

Extra Computing Horsepower in the Cloud

“With the clock ticking, we were really stuck, because acquiring Ansys® simulation software, which we had some experience with, as well as a server to provide the [extra] computing power that this problem required, would take additional time to set up,” Cook continues. “That’s when MLC CAD Systems, our SOLIDWORKS provider and reseller, told us about 3DEXPERIENCE® Works Simulation.”

3DEXPERIENCE® Works Simulation tools leverage Abaqus® technology and take advantage of cloud computing resources on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, which enables maximizing computational speed without purchasing additional hardware. PES acquired 3DEXPERIENCE Works Simulation roles, Structural Performance Engineer and Durability Performance Engineer, along with the SOLIDWORKS connection to the cloud-based 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

PES chose 3DEXPERIENCE Works Simulation tools because they are integrated with SOLIDWORKS and could be utilized more quickly. Plus, no additional hardware was needed because the solver runs in the cloud, freeing up local computing resources. Finally, 3DEXPERIENCE Works could handle complex, large structure, nonlinear, and fatigue simulations. What’s more, the solutions relied on the industry-proven and highly esteemed Abaqus solver.

Fast Turnaround with Accurate Results

Since adding 3DEXPERIENCE Works simulation solutions to its SOLIDWORKS installation, PES not only completed the stern ramp project within the ambitious six-week schedule but has also executed several additional projects that required advanced and more complex simulations. “We’ve executed more projects that require analysis power with 3DEXPERIENCE Works simulation solutions, including a scissor lift rated for 30,000 pounds, a stern-mounted A-frame, and optimization of a coil tubing injector design for a large oil and gas client,” Cook notes.

“In each case, we were able to affirm our reputation for fast turnarounds because solving simulations in the cloud is faster and more efficient,” Cook adds. “And because 3DEXPERIENCE Works simulation solutions utilize the Abaqus solver, we have no hesitation in taking on challenging and difficult projects because if we can’t solve it with the Abaqus solver, no one can.”

Generate More Business

With the additional analysis power afforded by 3DEXPERIENCE Works simulation solutions, PES can take on bigger, more complex projects, resulting in business opportunities that previously couldn’t be undertaken. Over the past year, the company has realized more than $400,000 in additional revenue that, without 3DEXPERIENCE Works Simulation, would not have been possible.

“Solving simulations in the cloud has been critically important for winning [additional] business because we can’t run these types of large, computationally intensive analyses on our computers,” Cook continues. “We’re known for being fast and accurate, so having 3DEXPERIENCE Works simulation solutions and the Abaqus solver in the cloud is helping us extend that reputation to more challenging projects and grow our customer base.”

If you’d like to learn more about how 3DEXPERIENCE Works and SOLIDWORKS can help your company deliver faster and win more business, contact your local reseller. You can read the full PES case study here.


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