Find Out What’s Happening at The Hive at 3DEXPERIENCE World

It’s been three years since the SOLIDWORKS community was in-person for a physical 3DEXPERIENCE World event. It seems fitting that we are headed back to Nashville to celebrate and get back together. On the SOLIDWORKS Community and User Advocacy team, our job is to create networking opportunities for SOLIDWORKS users. If you are joining us in Nashville, one of the best places to meet other SOLIDWORKS Users is The Hive.

We can’t wait for you to see our new look and location! The Hive will be comfortable and inviting and the place to be! On Sunday, we will be using The Hive as a welcome Station for 1st time attendees as they leave registration. We scheduled a series of Hive Hangouts (physical networking sessions) that will draw people in and allow them to make long-lasting connections with other SOLIDWORKS Users.

We also created a podcast space to enable some community members to broadcast their perspective of 3DEXPERINCE World to their followers. New this year at The Hive, we will be giving away some classic SOLIDWORKS! SWAG.

Let’s take a closer look.


So where is The Hive? If you remember the large #3DXW20 letters that were at the top of the main escalators in 2020, The Hive is very close to there, right outside EXHIBIT HALL A1. We are in a great spot with a lot of foot traffic.

Welcome Station

During registration hours, first-time attendees will be directed to The Hive to meet the SOLIDWORKS community team and some of our fantastic 3DEXPERIENCE World Ambassadors. Just look for the folks in the red ambassador’s t-shirts. This group of ambassadors is comprised of SOLIDWORKS User Group Leaders and SOLIDWORKS Champions that volunteered their time on Sunday to this noble cause. We want every attendee to feel an extra special welcome, especially our first-timers. This group of ambassadors will be there to answer questions and help you make the most of your week in Nashville. There is so much to take in so it can be really helpful to get some tips from a 3DEXPERIENCE World pro.

Hive Hangouts

These speed networking sessions give you the opportunity to talk with like-minded people and form some meaningful connections. We will be there to facilitate the meetups and get the conversations started with some networking tips and tricks and ice breakers. Below you will find the links to all the meetups, but you can also find these in our 3DEXPERIENCE Session Catalog. There will event be some surprise guests dropping in throughout the week. Space is limited, so reserve your spot now.

 Podcasts – Live from The Hive

We have dedicated a portion of The Hive to a live podcast studio, complete with comfy furniture, broadcast equipment, and a mini fridge to keep our hosts hydrated. These podcasts will offer a SOLIDWORKS Community member’s perspective from within 3DEXPERIENCE World. This will benefit both physical and virtual attendees.

Kirby Downey and Johnny Harrison are the hosts of The Core Podcast. They have quickly become a staple of our community, and we are excited to announce that they will be Live from The Hive in our dedicated podcast space. Whether you are attending 3DEXPERIENCE World in-person or virtually, you can check in with these guys to see what the SOLIDWORKS Community is saying about the conference. They have a lot of fun guests and segments planned throughout the week, and they will even be appearing on SOLIDWORKS Live. If you are in Nashville, drop into The Hive and be part of their live audience.

We will also have The Bender Podcast, with Glen Shirley and Michael Wood. Their show is focused on bespoke SOLIDWORKS topics and helping listeners enhance their SOLIDWORKS skills. They will be live on Monday and Tuesday morning, shortly after general session. I am sure these guys will have some awesome perspectives to share, and we are excited to have them Live from The Hive.

Extra SWAG

As we all know, it’s been three years since we last met in-person at a 3DEXPERIENCE World Event. This has led to a bit of an abundance of SOLIDWORKS SWAG. We shipped our entire backlog of SOLIDWORKS SWAG to Nashville to make sure that it ends up in the hands of some of our most passionate community members. These items are sure to move quickly. We will try to distribute it throughout the week, but make sure drop into The Hive to see what is available. Everything must go!

The Community Team is excited to have a space that we can dedicate to connecting event attendees with each other at 3DEXPERIENCE World 2023. Make sure you drop into The Hive to say hello and don’t miss all the incredible sessions that we put together.

Haven’t registered yet? There’s still time!  Whether you will be travelling to Nashville or joining virtually, we look forward to connecting with you at 3DEXPERIENCE World!

Dan Wagner

Dan Wagner

Dan is manager of the SOLIDWORKS User Group Network (SWUGN). he has spent over 12 years in the reseller channel providing technical support to SOLIDWORKS users, teaching SOLIDWORKS classes, and delivering marketing & sales presentations to new and experienced SOLIDWORKS users. He is a Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert and is thrilled to continue serving the SOLIDWORKS community for many years to come.