3D Printing Expert Shares Tips on Getting Started [Podcast with Kirby Downey]

“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.”

― Aristotle

Kirby Downey-3D Printing

Kirby Downey’s advice is: “make it yourself.” He is not interested in doing it for you, but wants to teach you the skills you need to learn yourself.  Kirby is a Maker, a builder, a designer, community leader, 3D printing expert, AND a key member of the SOLIDWORKS community.  Kirby is focused on inspiring others to do it themselves and loves to share his knowledge to others.

In this podcast, Kirby shares his advice and vast knowledge of 3D printing techniques. He also shares many tips and insights for Makers, DIY’ers, and hobbyists.

If you haven’t heard of Kirby already, he is not hard to find within the SOLIDWORKS community, as he has been a key contributor on many events, such as SLUGME, Magic Wheelchair, and 3DEXPERIENCE World. I have included many links to his content below to learn more about Kirby and his content.

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Learn more about Kirby and his work:

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