SOLIDWORKS 2023 is Here: SOLIDWORKS CEO Manish Kumar Breaks it Down

Nothing creates more excitement among our passionate users than the annual release of our flagship SOLIDWORKS software, and this year will certainly be no different. That is because SOLIDWORKS 2023 offers new features and enhancements that will help our users work smarter, faster and together. You can learn all about this exciting new release here but we asked SOLIDWORKS CEO Manish Kumar to break it down and focus on the new enhancements he thinks will generate the most excitement among our users.

Q: What are you most excited about in SOLIDWORKS 2023 release?

A: The more I talk to users, the more I get the importance of performance related to large assemblies. We have always focused on this area, but by giving choices to the users, we have made life a bit more complicated than it should be.

In SOLIDWORKS 2023, we have provided to our users with an option named as “Automatically optimize resolved mode, hide lightweight mode.” By selecting this option, users do not have to decide between resolved and lightweight mode anymore. We make our user’s life simple by getting rid of one more decision from their life. By using this option, every assembly user opens will open very fast and we will take care of loading the right data.

Q: How will this release make life easier for users? 

A: Like every other release, SOLIDWORKS 2023 offers many enhancements that will help our users on a daily basis and will make their life easier. Let me pick the top three enhancements in my view:

  1. Fast Mate Repair – Repair of missing mate references has been greatly improved with quick access and quick interaction to repair missing mate references. This was a big hit with users during Beta events.
  2. BOM Filter in Drawings – Similar to Excel, our BOM tables now have “filters” at the top of each column.
  3. Transparency in Drawing Views – We now allow you to see-through a transparent component or body in HLV and HLR display states in drawings.


Q: SOLIDWORKS built its reputation around making CAD accessible. How does SOLIDWORKS 2023 continue this legacy?

A: Early on, SOLIDWORKS had made a promise to put CAD on every engineer’s desktop. At this point, our goal is to expand the reach of CAD and make it accessible to everyone interested in it, whether you are a maker, a student or a life-long learner trying to develop new skills. After all, you don’t have to be an engineer anymore to create.

Another goal is to make it available on any device, from anywhere. To help on these fronts we have done multiple things.

Complete functionality of SOLIDWORKS, augmented with the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform and a best-in-class CAM solution from DELMIA (NC Shop-Floor Programmer) is available to any maker, hobbyist or life-long learner at an extremely affordable price point of $10/month. This offer also includes 3D Creator and 3D Sculptor, with which CAD is now accessible from anywhere, and from any device. If you have not already done so, I urge you all to check out 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS for Makers offer at our website.

For students we offer two packages and they get both at an extremely affordable price of $60/year ($5 per month). These include:

  • 3D Designer Student – a collection of all browser-based roles that students can run from any device of their choice.
  • 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS Student includes SOLIDWORKS Premium augmented with the powerful and collaborative 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.

We also include three certification exams in this package. These certifications help our students find jobs.

To also help lower the barrier for entry, working with HomeByMe team, we have also introduced a new free tool MakeByMe, which is a very easy-to-use tool, built with a life-like modeling paradigm that is focused on helping you build your own wooden furniture.

This tool was released at 3DEXPERIENCE World 2022, and we are approaching 30,000 users at this point. Attached below are pictures of some of the content created by those users recently. MakeByMe has lowered the barrier to entry by allowing people with no CAD background whatsoever to go and design their own furniture in 3D.



Hopefully, you see the proof of our commitment to SOLIDWORKS users everywhere. It’s time to explore what’s new in SOLIDWORKS 2023 and please be sure to keep an eye out for VAR events coming to a town near you soon.


Watch the video above to learn more about the excitement enhancements in SOLIDWORKS 2023 that will help everyone work smarter, faster and together. Click the banner below to check out our What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2023 website.

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