Stepping Up to the Challenges of Industrial Equipment Manufacturing

Industrial equipment manufacturers face distinctive design and development challenges when building large-assembly projects, such as increasingly complex electromechanical systems. Large and multifaceted assemblies can slow CAD development and increase the likelihood of issues, such as interference and collisions between components. And, with engineered-to-order systems, every project requires a brand-new, made-to-order design from scratch.

There are customer satisfaction challenges, too.

Today’s industrial equipment customers have set a high bar with expectations for quality and reliability. These customers expect cutting-edge innovation, operational excellence, and the use of new technologies. They assume compliance with regulatory standards and expect data-driven manufacturing and production.

Rather than taking a business-as-usual approach, industrial equipment manufacturers can beat the competition and overcome these challenges by leveraging investments in smart, integrated product development and manufacturing tools from SOLIDWORKS®.

Let’s take a brief look at some industrial equipment manufacturers that are taking the industry to a new level.

Consolidated Product Development

AV&R is a global leader in automation technology, vision, and robotics technology with unique expertise in automated robotic finishing of gas turbine parts, such as the blades used in jet engines. The company uses SOLIDWORKS solutions in all facets of its business and across multiple departments within its organization, from design and assembly to prototyping and data management. By consolidating its product development on SOLIDWORKS, all the AV&R teams—robotic engineers and manufacturing and assembly personnel—can collaborate more efficiently and iterate faster. Learn more about how AV&R and other companies continue to grow and evolve with SOLIDWORKS.

Considerable Efficiency Increases

SEA-LECT Plastics Corporation is a leading supplier of custom injection molding, design, product development, and tooling services in the Pacific Northwest. SEA-LECT uses connected tools from SOLIDWORKS and DELMIA | Works and now has a fully automated design-to-manufacturing process. The company has substantially increased efficiency—from 70 percent to 98.5 percent—while simultaneously improving injection molded part quality. Learn more about how SEA-LECT and others like it increase efficiencies in their design-through-manufacturing processes.

Grow Your Business

Meltech is an independent manufacturer and rebuilder of induction furnaces. The company leads the market in custom furnace design and manufacture with integrated CAD and ECAD solutions from SOLIDWORKS. When the company first purchased SOLIDWORKS, it saw substantial improvements in just three months. In the last ten years, Meltech has doubled in size. ECAD tools have helped Meltech shave up to 40 percent off electrical design times, and it recently implemented SOLIDWORKS PDM as well. Learn more about how SOLIDWORKS helps Meltech and companies worldwide save time and money.

Rock Solid Savings

InFocus Energy Services, Inc. is an R&D-based company that designs and manufactures downhole products for the oil and gas industry. SOLIDWORKS is at the core of InFocus’s engineering group. They use SOLIDWORKS for 3D modeling, simulation, flow analysis, and renderings. InFocus has saved tens of thousands of dollars and months of time and extra labor costs by condensing a process that would usually take months to just a few weeks. Learn more about how InFocus and other organizations like yours utilize SOLIDWORKS and 3DEXPERIENCE Works Simulation to save substantial time and money.

Exceed Customer Expectations

Machitech Automation is a leading manufacturer of industrial CNC plasma machines. Customers literally become partners in “the Machitech experience” because they play an integral role in the product development process. The company uses SOLIDWORKS to assemble, check interferences, do motion and stress analysis, and much more. See how Machitech and other industrial equipment manufacturers exceed customer expectations with SOLIDWORKS 3D design solutions.

Always Connected

Today, enabling remote access to design data is a must for every business. Industrial equipment manufacturers can easily and securely connect SOLIDWORKS data to the cloud and then access it along with additional design, simulation, manufacturing, and management tools.

Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform enables SOLIDWORKS users to work together with their extended teams in a unified environment.

Communications among team members are automatically tracked in one accessible location. Plus, data management on the platform is built-in, so as designs change, the shared common product data automatically updates so everyone on the project is always in sync.

The result is faster, more efficient product development. Click here to learn more about Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS.

Discover More

With an integrated 3D product development system like SOLIDWORKS®, see how industrial equipment manufacturers can collaborate and develop innovative equipment and processes from design to manufacture. Because SOLIDWORKS can efficiently manage large assemblies, less time is wasted so that products can be delivered to market sooner and for less cost.

If you have more questions or would like to see a live demonstration, please contact your local reseller for more information.


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