Managing Standard Content and Creating a Culture of Reuse

How much time can you afford to lose when searching for standard components for reuse in your assemblies?

Let’s say that you are designing a lawnmower and you need to find a motor bracket. How will you find a standard component to reuse in your assembly? Do you search with keywords to find the part? Do you search in your in-house PDM vault? Or access an external component provider?

What if there is already a motor bracket that exactly fits your needs in your PDM vault, but you cannot find it using a traditional keyword search?

The Easy Way to Find Parts & Components

3DEXPERIENCE® Marketplace PartSupply is the most comprehensive, artificial intelligence-driven catalog of sourceable 3D components. Available free-of-charge to companies of all sizes, its more than 800 on-demand content providers from around the world comprise a one-stop-shop of tens for millions of qualified component configurations.

3DEXPERIENCE PartSupply makes it simple to:

  •         Access hundreds of catalogs containing millions of qualified supplier components
  •         Quickly search by filtering with component categories, semantic search, or search by 3D shape
  •         Easily compare similar configurations side-by-side
  •         Download 3D models into active design environments (for fast validation)

Let’s take a look at two roles on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform that will help you access and utilize 3D components for 3DEXPERIENCE PartSupply.

PartSupply Standard Components Manager

The Standard Components Manager enables you to manage your company’s catalog of components to help you build, manage, and maintain an in-house components library, thereby leveraging both internal parts and components from qualified suppliers.

Some of the benefits of this product include:

1)     Save time in the design phase by accessing parts directly from within SOLIDWORKS®.

2)     Reuse internal parts created in other projects. This will help reduce your duplicate parts and avoid introducing new duplicate parts into your company’s database.

3)     Enable product development or engineering departments to access the 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace that contains more than 935 suppliers. You also can select the partners you have worked with previously or validate new partners for the future.

4)     Create a standard system using a combination of parts from the 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace and from your own internal assets to give your product development or engineering departments quick and easy access to the right parts.

PartSupply Optimized Components Consumer

The Optimized Components Consumer allows designers and engineers to access standard parts easily from within their product development process. As a CAD engineer or a design engineer, you can search your company’s catalog of parts using various search methodologies to quickly find and reuse standard parts in your design.

PartSupply Optimized Components Consumer enables you to:

  •         Search and compare parts according to their CAD geometries using 3DShape search
  •         Search results based on the geometrically most similar 3D CAD parts
  •         Reuse parts created in other projects from your internal databases and PDM systems
  •         Save time in the design phase from within SOLIDWORKS or DraftSight design environments


Now you can have a single source of standard parts across your organization, all accessible from your SOLIDWORKS environment. You can search by shape, perform comparisons, and bookmark your favorite parts and suppliers.

You can manage massive amounts of diverse 2D/3D CAD part data across the enterprise and reduce duplicate parts at your organization, avoiding downstream costs. Plus, these applications empower your designers and engineers to quickly find standard parts from within the company’s in-house part data library or from external suppliers—with ease.

If you have additional questions about 3DEXPERIENCE® Marketplace PartSupply, contact your local reseller.

Vivek is a Computer Science graduate of Arizona state University. He works as the Product Manager for PartSupply and Sourcing and Standardization Sub-domain Roles in the 3DEXPERIENCE WORKS Portfolio with a focus to drive growth and manage retention for 3DEXPERIENCE WORKS Community worldwide.