The Element of (No) Surprise in Product Design

The element of surprise works great in advertising or theme park rides. Storytelling and entertainment often rely on surprise to make you laugh or cry or to keep you on the edge of your seat. Surprises can be fun, unless they throw a wrench into your product design process. Then surprises typically involve wonky quality problems, blown budgets, crabby customers, and long days.

Tough Design Questions

Customers around the world use SOLIDWORKS Simulation to drastically reduce the element of surprise in their product development processes. Relying on finite element analysis (FEA), Simulation digitally predicts the behavior of your parts and assemblies when exposed to real-world physical forces.

Many engineers mistakenly believe that a Simulation study must be conducted by an expert with advanced degrees from a top university. The opposite is true: SOLIDWORKS Simulation was built to make FEA accessible to the average engineer—no PhD required.

Simulation will help you answer critical questions about your project, including

  •         Is my design overbuilt (am I wasting materials, is it too heavy)?
  •         What physical forces will affect its operation (vibration, fatigue, heat)?
  •         Where do I modify my design to make it stronger and lighter (topology optimization)?

First-Hand Testimonies

Check out these four interviews with SOLIDWORKS Simulation customers: Electric Power Systems, GE Healthcare, Omax Corporation, and Tenaris Group. Learn more about how they are increasing design confidence, reducing the number of design iterations and physical prototypes, and more.

If you are ready to talk with someone about how SOLIDWORKS Simulation enables the everyday engineer to solve problems faster and earlier in the design process with powerful FEA software capabilities, contact your local reseller.






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