Learn How to Improve Productivity with Simulation

What drives innovation? Today, millions of engineering companies around the world use simulation software to drive innovation based on reliable and accurate results. At SOLIDWORKS, we have several simulation solutions, tools and features to cater to all the various industries and applications. Given the variety of methods to run and solve analyses, it is crucial to know which tool is right for the job.

For example, let’s consider two circular plates compressing an O-ring to create a seal.


An O-ring is typically made from rubber material. A nonlinear analysis would be the appropriate simulation to simulation the O-ring compression accurately.

Given that the assembly is circular symmetry (axi-symmetry) model, we can use 2D Simplification to solve this analysis much faster compared to solving the analysis on the entire 3D part.

Once 2D profile is selected, SOLIDWORKS Simulation will automatically create it for the analysis. Here, a translation is applied to the edge of the top plate to ensure both plates coincide to compress the O-ring.

For the results, we can view the stress plot and contact pressure between the O-ring and the plates. These results will help us determine if this O-ring compression will give us a full seal for operational use Furthermore,  this results will help use evaluate the best way to keep the two plates together given the high pressure internally.


Let’s consider another example. A compact electronic product would typically require a thermal analysis to avoid overheating. Both SOLIDWORKS Simulation and Flow Simulation are capable of simulating conduction and convection, but why pick one over the other?

To find out, join us for our simulation-focused webinar series on Improving Productivity. This webinar series will cover topics like 2D Simplification in detail, FEA vs CFD, Static vs Dynamics, Large Assembly analysis and simulation for 3D-printed parts.

Whether you’re seasoned expert or a beginner, you are bound to learn something new in this webinar series to improve your productivity for simulation.

If you would like to learn more about SOLIDWORKS Simulation prior to the webinars, check out this short video link

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