The Perfect Duet: Dita Audio and SOLIDWORKS

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” -Plato


Audiophiles all over the world are forever in search of perfect sound quality, one that is clear, crisp, and bold. For Danny Tan, Managing Director, Project Perfection, hearing is believing and designing the perfect personal portable sound system that could deliver perfect quality sound was the holy grail. Engineered to perfection, Project Perfection’s brand Dita Audio’s range of earphones has been designed using SOLIDWORKS applications to be the best-in-class earphones.

In order to achieve the goal, Project Perfection had to rethink and scrutinize every single component in the audio path – right from the 3.5mm TRS connector to cable, chassis, and even the solder used to put everything together. Almost every single item had to be customized and developed in-house to meet design and requirements specifications.

“I’ve always enjoyed listening to music on high-fidelity sound systems,” said Danny Tan, Managing Director, Project Perfection. “As an engineer, I was always curious about the technology behind the system. I was always taking my transistor radios apart and putting them together with different parts in an effort to produce a better sound.

This pursuit of perfection is the philosophy behind Dita Audio. With Dassault Systèmes’ SOLIDWORKS, I can design, test, and simulate how different parts and materials can come together to produce the best quality sound.”

Leveraging decades of experience from the audio and engineering industry, Project Perfection explored and researched with different materials and components to build the 2015 President’s Design Award Singapore[1] winner – The Answer. The Answer is the finest sounding, most luxurious, universal fit earphones available today.

With Dassault Systèmes’ SOLIDWORKS, Project Perfection was able to:

  •   Shorten design to manufacture to market time: With SOLIDWORKS, Project Perfection was able to design, test and simulate different designs and materials that work best together to produce the best possible sound.
  •   Collaborate across engineering and marketing functions: When putting together the Dita Audio brand, the marketing teams could easily adapt 3D designs to easily showcase the design, system capabilities.
  •   Respond to customer needs: As products are digitally designed, design knowledge can be used to improve efficiency and better manage engineer-to-order products.

“Our goals has always been to make the technology more human. With SOLIDWORKS, we have taken what is essentially, a mechanical, engineering thing and have made it into something that is more emotionally engaging,” said Danny.

For more information on Project Perfection, please visit their website at Project Perfection worked with SEACAD Technologies, one of our SOLIDWORKS VARs in Singapore. For more information, visit their website at


[1] The President’s Design Award is Singapore’s highest honor accorded to designers and designs across all design disciplines. In particular, it recognizes the significant contributions by, and achievements of, an extraordinary group of people that is making a difference to the lives of both Singaporeans and the larger global community. The recipients are standard-bearers whose design excellence is the benchmark by which future generations of designers should aspire to and exceed. These standards will eventually permeate the consciousness of society and, in the process, bring about a greater awareness of, and appreciation for, quality design.

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