Communicating Product Concepts with SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional Solutions

ID Group, Inc., a product development consultancy, has developed successful products in markets ranging from transportation systems and medical devices to industrial equipment, furniture, architectural structures, and consumer products. To remain competitive, the ID Group must communicate a wide range of product concepts and design information to its customers as effectively, efficiently, and affordably as possible.

For example, with large airplane interiors, ID Group President/Industrial Designer Jeremy Wilkens explains, “We need our clients to be able to experience the interior space of an aircraft in real-time without having to build a 20- to 30-foot section of the fuselage. It’s more cost-effective—both for us and our customers—to communicate design information through high-quality renderings or 3D-simulated environments.”

The ID Group uses SOLIDWORKS® Visualize Professional photo-realistic rendering software for its design visualization needs. The company selected the software because it is easy to learn, quickly produces high-quality renderings, carries lower training requirements and costs, and works with various types of CAD data other than SOLIDWORKS, making it the superior choice.

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional software enables the ID Group to achieve higher levels of design tangibility—the ability to obtain as much information about an object as by holding it in your hands—from a virtual environment.

Design tangibility is becoming critically important as product development teams include more non-technical contributors who may have difficulty understanding a standard CAD image or extrapolating 2D engineering drawings into 3D. According to the ID Group, tangible renderings quickly created with SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional tell the full story, reduce comprehension issues, and close deals faster.

Quicker customer consensus and approvals also speed up the product development process and shorten time to market, saving time and money. Overall rendering speed, for example, is increased by a factor of 10 with the new AI Denoiser feature in SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional.

The ID Group and Wilkens are also excited about using the augmented reality capabilities being developed for a future release of the software. “We’ll be able to put virtual or augmented reality goggles on our clients and let them immerse themselves in the product as well as make changes from within the immersive environment. This will improve visualization and further streamline the product development process.”

To read more about how SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional software enables higher levels of design tangibility in a design concept without incurring the time and expense of building demonstration prototypes, click here.



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