Learn from a SOLIDWORKS Veteran Why you Should Attend SOLIDWORKS World 2019

Interested in attending your first SOLIDWORKS World? Trying to decide whether or not to go? Trying to justify the expense to your supervisor? As a three-time attendee, let me help you with that!

What is SOLIDWORKS World? Well if you are reading this then you have a bit of info. SOLIDWORKS World is an annual conference that is much more than a product sales pitch. It is a three-day event that includes technical sessions, hands-on lessons and Q&A panel discussions based around SOLIDWORKS and its partner products. There are even chances to gain a SOLIDWORKS certification for FREE if you think you have the skills to pay the bills…


The value of the event can be set into two areas: Networking and Technical Information.

During the event there are many chances to meet and network with other users, SOLIDWORKS partners as well as SOLIDWORKS employees. Users help each other expand on their knowledge of the software, sharing modeling tips and tricks as well as general comradery. Meeting SOLIDWORKS employees is an additional bonus to the users as it puts a faces to the names of the people that work behind the scenes and on the SOLIDWORKS forums to keep us as users, productive and on task. This also allows you, the user, a chance to influence what the designers of the software work on in terms of bug fixes and new features.

Networking isn’t the only thing, we have to learn some things as well. The amount of technical information that can be gained from this event is second to none. As mentioned before, there will be 260 technical sessions, hands on lessons and Q&A panel discussions throughout the three-day conference that you can choose from. This is where you, the user will get to the “meat and potatoes” of the software. The technical sessions range from beginner users all the way up to the “Power User” with many years of experience. The SOLIDWORKS partners also host sessions that can familiarize the users with their products and how they interact in the SOLIDWORKS software.

There is truly something for everyone. Do you like to do “Hands-On” training instead of just sitting and listening? Well there are those as well. These classes are smaller and are set up with computers on site and with the latest edition of SOLIDWORKS to let the users get “down and dirty” with the software by letting you, the user, work through real-life examples instead of just sitting and listening to a presenter.

Are you the CAD Admin of your company? There are even special sessions and a CAD Managers’ Boot Camp that can help you make the most out of the software, computer hardware and network setups that support the users in your company. Help your company be successful and productive by maximizing what your infrastructure can do! You can learn more about the CAD Managers’ Boot Camp in this blog.

Finally, do you feel like you have some serious SOLIDWORKS skills, why not take a certification exam? Here is a chance to show your supervisors as well as the other users you know what you are doing. Each registered user can take a FREE certification exam.

Brad “Tank” Meador is a six-year veteran at Altec Industries in Daleville, VA and 13-year veteran of SOLIDWORKS. Avid user of the SOLIDWORKS forums and is passionate about training user to “level up” their SOLIDWORKS game.  Apart from studying for the CSWE (fingers crossed), Brad is a husband, dad, biker, minister, HAM radio operator and general tech nerd that enjoys challenging himself to learn new things.


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