With the completion of the Labor Day holiday, we have officially entered fall of 2018. For me, this means lots of exciting things: college football, family holidays, SOLIDWORKS 2019 and IMTS 2018 in Chicago. You may be asking what is IMTS? IMTS stands for the International Manufacturing Technology Show. It is a bi-annual event that showcases everything new and cutting-edge in manufacturing today. This year’s show will draw over 115,000 attendees from from 117 countries and will feature over 1 million square feet of exhibit and learning space.

This year SOLIDWORKS will be at the event talking about what’s new in SOLIDWORKS 2019 and explaining our Smart Manufacturing technology to attendees. We will be in Booth 133320 Monday – Friday. If you are involved in manufacturing like me, I’m sure you look forward to events like this to learn how companies are innovating new ways to improve the manufacturing process.

It is a great time to be in manufacturing as the technology is evolving so fast, and connected devices are changing the way we look at how parts are designed and built. The factories of the future developed in the 80’s are finally here on a scale that is affordable for all manufacturing facilities worldwide. Lots of SOLIDWORKS customers attend this event to learn different ways to solve their current issues. Other customers are the ones creating these new methods and products that address problems.

One SOLIDWORKS customer, Scott Harms, President of MetalQuest Unlimited, Inc., had this to say about the event, “IMTS is always the best place to gather diverse information about new technologies and innovations. IMTS allows us to stay competitive and relevant in this industry. If we don’t stay on the front end of technology, we’re going to fall behind and lose jobs.”

If you are one of the thousands of people lucky enough to attend this year, please stop by our booth to chat about what we have coming up in SOLIDWORKS 2019. If you see John or I walking around the exhibit halls, stop us and say hi as we love learning about how all of you are creating the factories and products of tomorrow!

Also, be sure to tune in Wednesday, September 12th starting at 11:00 am EST as we unveil SOLIDWORKS 2019 and all the new capabilities and enhancements that will help you go from design to finished products faster so you can beat your competitors to market and improve your bottom line. You can watching it on YouTube or Facebook Live.


Mike Buchli

Mike Buchli

Michael Buchli has 20 years of design and manufacturing experience throughout the Midwest ranging from Aerospace to recycling systems. A number of those years were spent learning and understanding workflows and processes to improve efficiency and productivity. From running CNC equipment to welding and painting Michael has been hands-on in all aspects of bringing products to market. Michael is also certified in many areas of mfg and a CSWP. He has also written the CAMWorks Handbook.