Join the PCB Road Show to Learn How to Seize Opportunities in Mechatronics

The Electronics industry has changed, and is still changing…rapidly.  We will be traveling throughout the U.S. this fall to bring this unfolding mechatronics story to you. During our “Lunch & Learn” presentation, you will learn how the electronics industry has changed, where it is going, and the tools that are available to enable you to become part of this new age of mechatronics, regardless of your current trade or skill. See the full agenda below.

The Changing Mechatronics Landscape

Most companies that design smart products are familiar with the acronym PCB for Printed Circuit Boards, but have you heard of the term Fabricated Mechatronic Boards (FMB)?  We coined the acronym for a good reason. FMBs have been around for quite some time and are commonly known as PCBs, but, as we at Nine Dot Connects have observed, this is rapidly becoming a misnomer with important consequences.

PCBs are not printed, they are fabricated. In fact, the process is subtractive, not additive, meaning that copper is etched away to make the traces. PCBs are not just circuits; they are the medium in which the electronics come together. Since it involves physical space, it is certainly mechanical as well as electrical. Thus it is mechatronic in nature. PCBs are still “boards,” though they are certainly not limited to traditional rectangular or square shapes.

Therefore, we are witnessing the advent of mechatronics in printed circuit board design. This important because demarcations are often used to define positions within a company. Those of us who work in electronics design have experienced this as the roles of circuit design and layout have become a single position. As the next generation of technology comes to reality in the form of robotics and IoT (connected devices), the same is eventually going to happen to mechanical and electrical domains.

Coming this Fall 2017-  RoadShow: “The Age of the Fabricated Mechatronics Board”

Who should attend:

Anyone who has a role or interest in PCB / FMB design. For those who are currently immersed in it, this is an opportunity to see where the industry is headed.

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ROADSHOW AGENDA (11:30 AM to 2:00 PM – lunch included):

11:30 Registration & Networking

11:45 Welcome & Start

Nine Dot Connects

How Did We Get Here?

The key inventions and techniques throughout the last 70 years that make the industry what it is today.

The Rise of Mechatronics

Why electrical and mechanical design entities cannot be treated separately.


The Rise and (now) Fall of Traditional Silo Groups

How CAD tools and complexities of the design process forced divisions of task.

Why these divisions of labor are now hindering progress.

Product creation (not just PCBs)

Two-way street (ME and EE)

The need to do all (multiple domains); back to cradle to grave

Nine Dot Connects

Non-traditional reseller role

Being an ADVISORY organization to advise you on the best proverbial fishing practices.

Being a SERVICES organization to give you the proverbial fish.

Being an EDUCATION organization to give you the proverbial fishing skills.

Here are the dates and locations of the roadshow across USA. We will communicate the exact venue location shortly.


  •         September 12, Tuesday – San Diego, CA
  •         September 13, Wednesday – Pasadena, CA
  •         September 14, Thursday – San Jose, CA
  •         September 19, Tuesday – Detroit, MI
  •         September 20, Wednesday – Minneapolis, MN
  •         September 21, Thursday – Bellevue, WA
  •         September 26, Tuesday – Waltham, MA
  •         September 27, Wednesday – Columbia, MD
  •         September 28, Thursday – Huntsville, AL
  •         October 3, Tuesday – Tampa, FL
  •         October 4, Wednesday – Austin, TX
  •         October 5, Thursday – Phoenix, AZ

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