SOLIDWORKS and The Ex Zone Prove an Explosive Combination

Explosions: great if you’re watching a James Bond film, potentially lethal everywhere else. As such, industries who work with the potential for detonation need scientific assurance that the companies supplying their equipment are up to the task.

SOLIDWORKS and The Ex Zone Prove an Explosive Combination Still

Who is The Ex Zone?

Specialist manufacturing company The Ex Zone design and build an extensive range of explosion-proof hazardous area equipment to a worldwide client base, including the oil, petrochemical, gas and chemical industries. That’s a heavy responsibility that requires pin-sharp engineering accuracy.


Big bang theory…

All hazardous control systems are different. Every company’s needs vary. Think offshore oil platforms, industrial compounds and the like. Each client requires a bespoke service to suit its situation, particularly important when you consider the geographical differences, which come with their own set of rules and regulations. A customer base that stretches across the planet means serving business in Europe, the United States, the Far East and everywhere in between.

With no universal world standard, laws vary from country to continent. As such, The Ex Zone needed the flexibility to adapt and alter their core designs with ease and minimal fuss. Step forward SOLIDWORKS.


Knocking days off manufacturing time

SOLIDWORKS enables The Ex Zone to cater to the customer’s needs during the build process, saving money on a practical build but with the practicality of having a product to test and alter according to the client’s ongoing input. With SOLIDWORKS, The Ex Zone can get illustrations and blueprints modeled and signed off far quicker than before, with no compromising on that crucial aspect that the project relies on -safety.

That’s not all.

By uploading the materials, components, and wiring to the SOLIDWORKS database, The Ex Zone have minimised time spent on creating variations between similar parts. Having a well-stocked library of circuit breakers, terminals and even fasteners such as bolts, has meant that the team is  able to produce bespoke parts for its clients without the fuss or expense of having to re-build brand new physical components for each new commission. Using the configuration tool, changing size, proportions, and material properties with a simple click during the design stage has saved the company days in manufacturing time.


SOLIDWORKS and The Ex Zone Prove an Explosive Combination Still


What next for The Ex Zone?

Thanks to SOLIDWORKS The Ex Zone has found it’s marketing strategy has been moving much more swiftly, in concurrence with the build process. Using the photo rendering tool, the team have been able to produce photorealistic stills of the build as it goes.

Having the lead time on rival companies is the great business and makes for a bright future. It seems The Ex Zone and SOLIDWORKS make for an explosive combination, in the very best sense of the word!

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