Zeta Group Streamlines Automated Systems By Switching From 2D to SOLIDWORKS Electrical

Are you always looking for ways to speed up your processes and create better designs faster? Are you finding that your 2D solution is no longer providing you with the same productivity? Zeta Group LLC felt the same way and found success by switching over to SOLIDWORKS Solutions. Let’s take a look at their story.

Founded in 2010, Zeta Group LLC is a product design, engineering, and manufacturing consulting company that focuses on automating manufacturing systems development and production for its clients. The company strives to develop advanced automated manufacturing systems that are unmatched in terms of speed and quality.

While Zeta Group has used SOLIDWORKS from the start, the company’s designers still relied on AutoCAD to design the systems’ electrical subsystems. However, after hitting many roadblocks and wasting numerous hours manually updating and rechecking last-minute changes to schematics, they needed to find a better solution. Finding that their current 2D solution was slowing them down, they started to look for alternatives for their electrical needs.

Zeta Group implemented SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D design and SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic software in 2013 because the software is easy to use, is integrated with SOLIDWORKS mechanical design tools, and makes design changes less costly and more efficient.

“Because we’ve replaced using 2D mechanical CAD with intelligent, parametric SOLIDWORKS Electrical software for creating schematics, we are saving time overall and are much more efficient at handling design changes,” stresses Kevin Marrick, president of Zeta Group LLC.

By implementing SOLIDWORKS Electrical design solutions, Zeta Group can incorporate design changes that affect electrical systems quickly and easily, eliminating the manual time sink that such changes would previously require and leading to overall design cycle reductions of 50 percent.

Read the entire story on Zeta Group Engineering and find out more about how its 2D to SOLIDWORKS Electrical switch allowed the company to make more efficient automated manufacturing systems in less time. Click here to read more!


Josie Morales

Josie Morales

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