Taking on New Design Challenges with SOLIDWORKS

A sudden shift to a new product or work assignment can require a designer to get up to speed on long-forgotten SOLIDWORKS functionalities that were covered in the classroom but never used. On demand learning can provide just-in-time SOLIDWORKS training to deliver the exact knowledge or skill that the user needs at just the right time.

Manufacturers worldwide rely on sensors and transducers from Kavlico to perform critical sensing operations involving pressure, position, and force. Mike Spicer, CAD Administrator at Kavlico came across SolidProfessor at SOLIDWORKS World 2012. “I was able to get a trial account setup through our SOLIDWORKS Value Added Reseller, which allowed me to assess the solution and inform my management team of the benefits. After performing a review of the content, it was easy to convince my managers to bring the program on board.”

As part of Kavlico’s continuous learning initiative, new users begin with SolidProfessor’s comprehensive SOLIDWORKS learning paths to master important foundational skills while experienced users develop their skills and increase productivity with SolidProfessor’s advanced courses and on-demand reference tool. “We have a lot of different individuals on our drafting and design team, and they all have different backgrounds. Some have technical training – others don’t. We needed a way to bring everyone up to par, so that they not only understand how the software works but to also increase their efficiency and effectiveness as designers.”

“The most notable benefit is that it makes everyone in our team more efficient at their job. They’re able to produce higher volumes without sacrificing quality. SolidProfessor has allowed our designers to take on new design challenges.”

SolidProfessor is often used by those who want to get their SOLIDWORKS certification. The interactive CSWA, CSWP & CSWE prep courses improve pass rate dramatically. Spicer utilized these courses to help his team achieve certifications. “We’ve implemented a certification program where managers have begun to require that the drafting and design staff have SOLIDWORKS certifications, proving their proficiencies. SolidProfessor played an important role in preparing our guys for those certification exams.”

Visit the SolidProfessor website to learn more. Sign up for a free membership to check out the courses and use promo code SOLIDWORKS20 during the month of December to save 20% on paid memberships.

Tony Glockler
Tony Glockler is the co-founder of SolidProfessor, an online learning company that specializes in software applications used in engineering and design. Beginning his education at UCLA with a BS in Mechanical Engineering, Tony experienced first-hand the limited resources available to students to become proficient, employable CAD users. His passion is combining the best of instructional design and technology to help engineers and designers become more effective. Through SolidProfessor, Tony has helped design teams keep up with their rapidly evolving software tools with an ongoing guided learning experience. To learn more, visit www.SolidProfessor.com