SOLIDWORKS Visualize User Spotlight: Jacek Koczmierowski

The Visualize Featured User spotlight has now launched! Join us here for a bi-monthly Q&A highlighting how one of your peers uses SOLIDWORKS Visualize in their daily workflow. This month’s featured Visualize user is Jacek Koczmierowski from Warsaw, Poland.

What you are seeing are not photographs or videos! They’re images created in SOLIDWORKS Visualize!

Q: Thanks for joining us this month, Jacek! Tell us a little about yourself and your role at your company.

A: I’m Jacek Koczmierowski and I work at DPS Software – the biggest Value Add Reseller of SOLIDWORKS in Europe. In our company my responsibilities include conducting trainings of SOLIDWORKS Products. I’m interested in design, renderings and industrial design. Of course my favorite training class is SOLIDWORKS Visualize!

Q: After seeing your images, it definitely shows you have amazing control of Visualize. How long have you been using this software?

A: I have been using Visualize since the first day when Visualize was released. When I heard that SOLIDWORKS will have its own product for professional rendering, I was really excited and I knew that it would be a great product! I use SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional, which has a lot of awesome features that I really love.



Q: How has the addition of Visualize improved the reach of your company?

A: As my company sells SOLIDWORKS products, extending our portfolio with SOLIDWORKS Visualize gives us a big opportunity to address the Customer who needs a professional tool for rendering. Additionally, some of our marketing images are created in Visualize.

Q: Do you think SOLIDWORKS Visualize is a ‘must-have’ for your customers to stay ahead of the competition?

A: Yes. Previously there were a lot of situations, where PhotoView360 from SOLIDWORKS was not enough. Currently Visualize fulfils this gap. With SOLIDWORKS Visualize, we can provide our Customers a tool which is super easy to use and generates amazing photo-quality results.

Q: What features do you use the most in Visualize?

A: It’s hard to say, because I use many of them. If I have to choose one, I would say I always use the Camera Post-Processing options, like Vignette and Depth of Field. It helps to make my renders more photorealistic.

Q: Your images from Visualize are truly remarkable. What is your favorite feature in Visualize?

A: I have a few favorite features; for sure it’s the Render Queue manager in SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional. With this feature I can save a lot of time and focus on preparing renderings, not on waiting until each rendering completes. Moreover, I really love Part Splitter feature – it’s very simple but really helpful if you want to split some geometry in your 3D model.  And last but not least, the Configuration feature which helps to create many variations of the same 3D model in one Visualize project – it’s great!


Q: What tip would you share with all the new Visualize users out there?

A: First of all, I take special care of appearances. For each model I create custom appearances using bump and specular texture mapping. It’s really important because in the real world, everything has some kind of bumps, texture, dust, etc. Using this site ( you can create your own bump or specular texture. Please remember that seamless textures are much better!

If you want to create renders which will look like a photo, you should pay attention to Environment and Lighting. You can play with it by changing the rotation of your scene (HDR) or by adding some additional lights in Visualize Professional. If you want something more, I’d recommend using HDR Light Studio, which is a plug-in available with SOLIDWORKS Visualize products.

For those who are looking for sites with high quality textures, it’s worth trying these:

Finally, keyboard shortcuts are small but a useful “trick.” You can show all keyboard shortcuts by pressing F12 key in Visualize. Using keyboard and mouse shortcuts will save you time and make your life much easier!


Q: Anything else you’d like to add about your Visualize experience that our Visualize community will enjoy reading?

A: Be patient while rendering and don’t give up after some troubles and failures at the beginning. At the same time, don’t be afraid to experiment and try unknown features. Some of my discoveries were done accidentally. The greatest inspirations come from the world around you. Keep calm and Visualize!

Here are some more examples of Jacek’s amazing work. Thanks for sharing, Jacek and happy Visualize-ing!






If you have SOLIDWORKS CAD Professional or Premium and are on active Subscription, then you get SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard complimentary! And this included seat of Visualize Standard can be given to anyone in your company…even a different department! Visualize is a separate stand-alone product and does not occupy the SW CAD license. Sign into your SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal and click any of the “Download Visualize” links to get started.

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Brian Hillner

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