See Open Source Rocketry Take Flight!

Mavericks is on a mission to help humans explore space faster. A non-profit organization that provides STEM education to students, Mavericks is giving the next generation of engineers hands-on experience designing, building and launching rockets into space.

Mavericks is focused on establishing community-based space education and research programs and web-based education services that enable educators to facilitate hands-on space exploration activities in the classroom, with a priority towards engaging girls and minorities in at-risk communities to pursue advanced education and careers in STEM-related fields. The foundation’s programs enable students in middle schools, high schools, and universities in partnership with educators and mentors, to design, build, and operate spacecraft and launch vehicles, in support of their own space exploration missions in their classrooms and local communities.

Just this year, SOLIDWORKS teamed up with Mavericks to conduct one such mission. The experience was captured in the latest installment of Born to Design, a video series celebrating our desire to discover and transform ideas into life-changing projects. Here’s a preview of the work needed to send a rocket into space:


CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE FULL VIDEO to learn how Tom Atchison, founder of Mavericks, is revolutionizing space exploration while fostering the growth of the next generation of scientists and engineers. Then see how the team tackled aerothermal challenges and connect team members from around the world.

Mike Fearon

Mike Fearon

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