Just Press Play: Our Favorite Videos from 2016

From demos and tutorials to goofs and customer testimonials, we love creating videos showcasing SOLIDWORKS and its amazing user community. Since pictures speak 1,000 words, I’ll stop here and let the visuals do the talking. Here are our favorite SOLIDWORKS Videos from 2016.

Team Icewave Puts the Competition in a Deep Freeze with SOLIDWORKS

Team Icewave is a unique story because they create robots to help humans collaborate by day and BattleBots that fight each other in their spare time. The team embodies the concept of engineering and imagination as a lifestyle.


SOLIDWORKS Time-Lapse Tutorial: Star Wars X-Wing

SOLIDWORKS user Kirby Downey creates some phenomenal designs in SOLIDWORKS, but his 3D-printed versions are out of this world – especially this model, which hails from a galaxy far, far away. Here Kirby shows the process of designing an X-wing in SOLIDWORKS then printing the model at home.


SOLIDWORKS and Rwanda: the Journey Continues

SOLIDWORKS has been active in bringing technology to Rwanda since the mid-2000s. In 2016, the partnership took another step forward when SOLIDWORKS coordinated with MIT and the Rwandan government to open the country’s first Fab Lab. During the opening, SOLIDWORKS Senior Manager of World Wide Certification Mike Puckett and Territory Technical Manager Brad Williamson visited local schools to teach SOLIDWORKS and introduce 3D printing to students of all ages.


SOLIDWORKS Ghost Trap Tutorial Series

I ain’t afraid of no ghost. Well, I was before but now I have this five-part series covering how to create a ghost trap in SOLIDWORKS. While 2016 was full of human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together – mass hysteria, 2017 doesn’t have to be when you design a trap of your own. Click here to see the full playlist.


What’s New 2017: 3D Interconnect

SOLIDWORKS 2017 was full of enhancements including 200+ requested from users like you. In this video, Area Technical Director Mark Martel discusses 3D Interconnect, which lets you work seamlessly with third-party native CAD files directly in SOLIDWORKS. You can see more technical managers explain their favorite new SOLIDWORKS 2017 features in this playlist.


Simulation Explained: Donut Drop Test

Virtual testing can be complicated, so why not try to explain the whole concept in donuts? In this video, you can see what happens to a free-falling donut after a two-story drop.


Then, see the results of a donut drop test in SOLIDWORKS Simulation.


Camelbak Builds Innovative Products Using SOLIDWORKS

You may be thinking, “what’s so innovative about water bottles,” but when you think about it – we have been drinking from simple cups forever. 20 years ago, virtually nobody carried around water bottles. CamelBak has re-invented the wheel for hydration, which started with the first patent on the bite valve that you see on many of its bottles and also included the first BPA-free water containers. In this clip, Aaron McCready of CamelBak discusses the design process for developing and testing new designs using SOLIDWORKS.


Brunswick Bowling Simulation Question for SOLIDWORKS

Aaron Koch of Brunswick Bowling poses the question, “How would you simulate the coefficient of friction of a bowling ball while going down the alley?” SOLIDWORKS Senior Area Technical Manager Omar Zohni PhD takes on the question and can definitely help any bowler out of the gutter.


Retro SOLIDWORKS: Students Try CAD from the 90s

We swept five engineering students and one SOLIDWORKS veteran back three decades to immerse themselves in the world of 1990s 3D CAD. This was their reaction.


Looking for more videos? Check out our YouTube channel by clicking here. In addition, MySolidWorks has hundreds of training resources you can use to learn your next SOLIDWORKS skill. If career development is part of your New Year’s resolution, be sure to check out MySolidWorks.

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Mike Fearon

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