Coalesce Solve the Seemingly Unsolvable with SOLIDWORKS

Answers to technical problems are solved using engineering. The appliance of science that develops products is an industry rife with creativity. Just ask Coalesce. It’s a business that thrives on solving technical tight spots with engineering know-how amend in their corner, providing first-rate digital back-up and support, is SOLIDWORKS Premium.

Who is Coalesce?

Engineers par excellence, Coalesce is a Cambridgeshire company whose business combines technological ingenuity with product development. In a nutshell, it provides clients with problem-solving inventions carved from tactile ideas. Big ideas, with lean running costs… you can see how it’s an attractive proposition.

Coalesce solve the seemingly unsolvable with SOLIDWORKS Door

What problem needed solving?

Running a project for a client, the team found themselves trying to design a very small internal part with extremely limited space and a tight mechanism that appeared nigh on impossible to negotiate. The structure of their build needed to identify and chart the near infinitesimally specific point of a mechanism for the part to function. Think of the kind of impossible geometry that you only get in an Escher painting. Now try to actually design and manufacture it.

With this ultra-challenging physics calculation, the team agonised over trying to solve the problem. Yet fix it they did, with an awful lot of energy and time spent poring over technical drawings and sums. So much so that they couldn’t let that research and development fall to the one project…

How did SOLIDWORKS Premium help?

Given Coalesce’s extensive work on the project, the company wanted that research to inform any future work it took on. So it invested in SOLIDWORKS Premium and fed its data into the software to analyse and use when it next needed it.

The team also used Trace Path, a functionality of SOLIDWORKS that is able to note exactly the locus point of plotting as it moves within a mechanism. In short, exactly what Coalesce had been trying to compute itself and precisely the kind of crucial information the team needed to progress with further work projects.

Now using SOLIDWORKS and Trace Path has meant that the team can solve similarly tough problems at a fraction of the time it used to take. Relying formerly on inefficient and head-scratchingly complex methods of research, Coalesce now turns to SOLIDWORKS Premium whenever a new technology predicament needs tackling.


What next for Coalesce?

Coalesce has taken to SOLIDWORKS Premium in a big way. Now an integral part of its development process, all engineers at the company are fully SOLIDWORKS trained. It’s a strategy that has seen them accomplish jobs in hugely reduced timescales, freeing up its schedule to accept more work and more clients than ever before.

SOLIDWORKS is proud to lend support to a company that elevates innovation and engineering above industry standard.

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