How HVD Made Waffly Good Progress with SOLIDWORKS

Belgian waffles – they’re almost unreasonably delicious, aren’t they?

That first warm bite that tiptoes between crisp and delicate with its delectable burst of lightly sugared, sweet dough is the kind of tongue-hugging treat that shames other desserts for having the temerity to exist. Thanks to SOLIDWORKS, HVD is helping professional chefs perfect their puds and bring an extra dollop of wow to their waffles.

Who is HVD?

In 1922 Belgian engineer and waffle enthusiast Isidoor Van Damme began manufacturing waffle irons. His son Hubert took over the business, adding his initials to the company name and setting a new standard in global iron production. Since then HVD’s iron manufacturing has made the company synonymous with delicious Belgian waffles. Its irons are ornately detailed. They are precise, and you can find them in any professional kitchen that takes waffle-making seriously.

Tummy rumbling yet?

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How did SOLIDWORKS help HVD?

Waffles come in all shapes, sizes and types. From Brussels to Liege to fruit to fine galettes, there’s a lot more variation than you might have imagined. And that’s before we get to the global size distinctions – smaller for the Japanese than the European market; bigger across the pond Stateside. HVD caters to them all – and they needed a reliable way to cope with the demand for flexibility. Designing in SOLIDWORKS made it possible to give each customer exactly what they needed – no matter where they were in the world.

The science of the perfect waffle

The dimension and weight of waffles has to be precise. To alter the shape is to alter the amount of dough in the mix, and that fundamentally changes the texture and taste of the finished product. With SOLIDWORKS in the kitchen, all HVD had to do was to load its decades-earned data into the platform to have a virtual workshop of waffle iron perfection at its fingertips.

Once its accurate measurements were within the software, the company’s designers were able to move swiftly with building bespoke models for differing regions and types of waffle as well as, for the first time, being able to offer personalised custom designs to clients. Fancy a monogrammed waffle in the shape of a waving hand? HVD, using SOLIDWORKS technology, can design and build that iron for you.

How HVD Made Waffly Good Progress with SOLIDWORKS – 2

This whole process has brought the development time for HVD down remarkably. It’s also brought in a new era of design flexibility. With its waffle templates loaded onto the system, HVD can tweak designs faster than you can scoff one of its delicious waffles.

Looking good enough to eat

Marketing a new product can be tricky. Especially when you have to wait until the final product has been manufactured. SOLIDWORKS spells the end of those delays. With Composer, HVD can use its CAD data to create photorealistic images and exploded drawings of the product. That’s hugely helpful for things like build documentation, user manuals and marketing materials. So while HVD continue to delight the taste buds of the world, SOLIDWORKS is only too happy to support that sweet, sweet work.

And that’s no waffle.

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