Summer Vibes, Professional Sound and SOLIDWORKS

Summer is the perfect time of the year to go outdoors and enjoy your favorite bands playing at outside venues or one of any musical festivals now taking place. While you are there enjoying the music, take a closer look at the sound installations and you might recognize the products of K-array surl, a renowned Italian manufacturer of cutting-edge professional audio solutions.

Since its founding 1990, K-array has grown to become an award-winning speaker manufacturer offering product lines based on slim array technology that provides unparalleled performance for touring, live event, installed sound, and broadcast applications. What really sets K-array technology apart from its competition is its ability to develop great technology that goes into a range of products that are capable of providing sound solutions that are versatile enough to sound great whether on a rooftop bar, a whole stadium in Istanbul or a Roman church.

The challenges of designing and manufacturing professional sound solutions are numerous. For K-array these include accelerating design cycles with ongoing projects, while also reducing time to market and improving its ability to collaborate with team members and partners. K-array’s goal was to take its design and business efficiency to the next level in terms by being able to visualize the product from any angle and cutting down on expenses with efficient production technology, such as using sheets of metal to assemble speakers.



Since 1990, the company has overcome unique audio challenges around the world by leveraging its deep acoustical expertise and innovative design aesthetics, and using SOLIDWORKS Standard design and SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium analysis software.  K-array also decided to switch from Adobe software to SOLIDWORKS Composer to provide accurate product documentation, generating the graphics using exploded views directly from SOLIDWORKS design data.



Using one integrated development platform has enabled the team to design faster by reusing existing designs up to 30 percent more, shortening time to market by 20 percent and cutting down scrap costs by 20 percent. Read the entire case study, “Setting the Tone for Live-Event Speaker Development with SOLIDWORKS,” and learn how you can create innovative designs that will take center stage to the delight of your customers.


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