Webinar: Model Mania Runs Wild on You

Every year at SOLIDWORKS World, we hold a Model ManiaTM  contest to see who can design the most accurate part the fastest. Winners are recognized in front of the thousands in attendance and get the engineering of cred of being the best of the best. It’s essentially winning the Top Gun competition, just with workstations in place of F-14s. If you want to show off your SOLIDWORKS skills to your peers, Model Mania is the place to test your mettle.

Missed the 2016 Model Mania? On May 10, you can join Mark Schneider, Senior Portfolio Introduction Manager and head of Model Mania, as he runs through the 2016 edition of Model Mania in a 22-minute webinar. During the webinar, Mark will reveal the best way to produce this year’s design using SOLIDWORKS tools.

Learn to model this part in record time.

Beyond being a proving ground for the SOLIDWORKS elite, Model Mania provides an opportunity for you to learn how to streamline your part modeling skills, increase productivity, and cut the time it takes to create new parts. Tune in to the webinar on May 10th to pick up some new tips, sharpen your SOLIDWORKS skills and fulfill your need for speed. Just like Carnegie Hall, practice is the best way to get to the Model Mania winner’s circle. Attend the webinar and take your first step toward glory and CAD immortality.

Two sessions are available for 11:00am and 2pm EST. Space is limited, so sign up today to take advantage of this webcast.

Cliff Medling

Cliff Medling is a Senior Marketing Manager at SolidWorks and the host for the Born to Design Podcast.