Cook Finds a Recipe for Success with SOLIDWORKS

Whether you are a professional cook or simply a lover of food, the kitchen is a place of pride in your home. You want gadgets and tools that you trust will work for you, something Domotech Appliances (P) Ltd. brings to its clients through the implementation of SOLIDWORKS Professional 3D design software.

One of Domotech Appliances’ breakthrough products is the first tabletop tilting wet grinder for idli/dosa dough making, chapati kneading, and coconut scraping


Domotech Appliances has designed and manufactured innovative kitchen appliances from electric-powered equipment to hand-operated tools for over 15 years. Back in 2005, the decision was made to upgrade its 2D design tools by exploring 3D design solutions, ultimately leading Domotech to choosing SOLIDWORKS.

pepper_grinder.jpg“Our initial interest in 3D involved improving communication with clients,” explains Managing Director P. Chandramouli. “We wanted to provide a clear understanding of a design concept as a 3D model, so that even a layman could visualize and understand the idea for a new product.”

Since the standardizing on SOLIDWORKS Professional software, Domotech Appliances has not only seen major improvements in production time, but in design accuracy along with complexity. Domotech Appliances has been saving money, and is able to save its clients’ money as well. “We have such great confidence in the accuracy of our designs created in SOLIDWORKS that we recommend that our clients entirely forego the prototyping, saving additional time and money.”

As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), Domotech Appliances has been able to enhance the quality and accuracy of its product development and manufacturing proposals with SOLIDWORKS. Chandramouli notes that, “when you combine the advantages that we realize from using SOLIDWORKS with the fast updates and issue clarification that we receive from SOLIDWORKS Subscription Service, we heavily rely on the SOLIDWORKS platform to conduct our business in the most economical way possible.”

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