Boost Your Productivity with DraftSight 2016

With over 8 million downloads worldwide, DraftSight is a powerful, professional-grade 2D CAD product providing architects, engineers, and construction service providers (AEC), as well as professional CAD users with a robust and reliable design experience. Even students, educators and CAD hobbyists use DraftSight to create, edit and view their native DWG files.

You will find a user-friendly interface in DraftSight with no learning curve if you’re transitioning from other popular 2D CAD software tools. Whether you use DraftSight, DraftSight Professional or DraftSight Enterprise, you can start designing and documenting right away.

What’s new in DraftSight 2016?

DraftSight 2016 features faster performance, advanced customization and annotation capabilities to increase your productivity.

Customizable Ribbon – Boost your productivity

Create your own workspaces in addition to the ones we created for you. Customize the tabs and panels of the Ribbon to group the tools you need.


Drawing Tabs – Seamlessly switch between open drawings

Drawing Tabs have been added to the top of the drawing window area. Simply hover over one tab to see a preview of the drawing, its different layouts and switch quickly to the desired view.


LayerState Manager – Create and manage configurations of layers

Easily switch between layer configurations you create. You can also show, hide or change the color of layers to display different views of the same project.


New Selection Methods – Isolate, hide or search for entities in your drawings

Find similar entities with SelectMatching. Show or hide parts of your drawing with the IsolateEntities and HideEntities commands. The IsolateLayers command has been improved with a new option to fade and lock remaining layers.


Annotation Scaling – Easily scale annotations on layout sheets and printouts

All annotations can now be displayed with consistent and uniform sizes across all viewports. Seamlessly adjust the size and scale of your dimensions, texts, hatches and blocks.


Multiline Block Attributes – Create block attributes with paragraphs of text

Easily create multiline text block attributes and use all formatting options of multiline texts.


Do more with DraftSight Professional 2016

DraftSight Professional 2016 enables you to take your experience to the next level as it includes additional rich functionality and productivity tools. You can easily attach a PDF to your drawing, add standard hardware, holes, symbols and tables to your design. Additionally, you can add user defined elements like blocks, graphically compare similar drawings to easily find differences, and batch print multiple files without having to open them.


A powerful API supports various programming languages including C++, Tx, lisp, VSTA, DCL, Visual Studio, COM and Active X. Developers and users alike can easily connect DraftSight with other solutions and products enabling far more integrated experiences and workflows.

DraftSight Professional includes add-ons for SOLIDWORKS PDM, SOLIDWORKS Electrical, the Dassault Systemes 3DEXPERIENCE Platform and GEOVIA Surpac.


Get more with DraftSight Enterprise 2016

DraftSight Enterprise 2016 includes all of the features and benefits of DraftSight Professional 2016 plus flexible licensing to enable concurrent usage and technical support to help manage mission critical CAD requirements and compliance across your organization.

New DraftSight User Groups

We are also happy to announce DraftSight User Groups to support our ever-growing global CAD community. This is an open forum where you can meet with peers to learn more about DraftSight, ask questions, watch technical presentations, and share experiences. It’s a group set up by users for users in your local communities to help you get the most out of DraftSight.

The first DraftSight User Group meeting was recently held in New England. Read all about it here.

A second DraftSight User Group for the Dallas Fort Worth area has just been listed here.

Interested in starting a DraftSight User Group in your area? DraftSight User Groups are part of the SOLIDWORKS User Group Network (SWUGN). Click here to get started and also learn about the benefits of being a DraftSight User Group leader and/or member.

Download DraftSight 2016 today and see how you can be more successful in creating any kind of 2D drawing.

DraftSight 2016 is available in 14 languages: English, French, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Russian, Italian, German, Polish, Czech, Turkish, Brazilian-Portuguese, Japanese, and Korean. It is supported on Windows®, Mac® and Linux operating systems.

Andreas Kulik

Andreas Kulik

Director of Product Portfolio & Business Development at Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS
Andreas Kulik
Andreas Kulik