POLYRACK Creates Quick Concepts with SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Designer to Accelerate Time to Market

The early concept design phase of product development is critical to getting designs off to a good start. During this stage a number of design alternatives are discussed, vetted, and tested by a large group of design stakeholders, including customers, before a decision is made as to which ones merit moving forward. The more efficient this process, the faster a product can get to market.


The ability to quickly create concept models and effectively collaborate on evolving design concepts with customers is essential to streamlining this crucial stage of product development. POLYRACK Tech-Group, a leading German manufacturer of packaging systems for electronic equipment, was looking for a tool that would do just that. The company needed to find a more efficient way to quickly model design concepts to support faster proposal development and for improving collaboration with customers.

Fortunately, POLYRACK found such a solution in SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Designer, software that helps streamline the development of early design concepts, enabling the company to shorten its sales cycle, compress development time and speed time to market. With the software, POLYRACK’s customers can access, review, comment on and approve designs—as models, images, or animations—via the web. The fast, ready, and secure access to conceptual design data improves and accelerates collaboration with customers anywhere in the world.

Quick concepts lead to faster time to market

Not only has POLYRACK saved time creating concept models, but also throughout its entire product development process, shaving 10 to 20 percent off time to market because it enables them to make design decisions faster. Since acquiring SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Designer, the company has been able to cut initial design development from two weeks to two days.

Read the entire case study on POLYRACK here to learn how your company can also reap the benefits of faster concept development and accelerated time to market with SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Designer.

Watch the Webinar to learn about the advances in mechanism design in SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Designer.


Barb Schmitz

Barb Schmitz

Senior Marketing Communications Manager at SolidWorks
Barb Schmitz is a Senior Manager in Marketing Communications with BA in Journalism and over 30 years of experience in the CAD software industry. She started her career as a journalist covering technology and served as an editor for several leading industry publications for over 20 years. Besides being a sleuth of tech, she is a loyal dog owner, travel bum, mom, lover of hoppy IPAs, red wine, and alternative music lover living in the great city of Chicago.