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MySolidWorks is the online destination for all things SOLIDWORKS. If you have a question, you can easily find an answer. If you’re looking for a place to share design files with colleagues and vendors, MySolidWorks Drive syncs to your cloud-based storage services. Perhaps most importantly, MySolidWorks Training provides online learning modules to hone your skills and learn how to use the latest SOLIDWORKS products.

This training blog post will focus on MySolidWorks sessions related to SOLIDWORKS Mechanical Conceptual (SWMC). SWMC is a collaborative design environment that enables design teams, customers, and suppliers to communicate, collaborate, and develop products whenever they want and wherever they are located. SWMC provides design teams with the flexibility and intuitive workflows to create true to life models that result in a better understanding of how products will behave in the real world.


Currently, MySolidWorks Training offers five SWMC sessions available to all registered users at no cost. These training modules include:

  • Welcome to SOLIDWORKS Mechanical Conceptual

Explore unique capabilities and functions in SWMC including the Single Modeling Environment, assembly workflows, editing capabilities, and built in tools for communication and collaboration.

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  • SOLIDWORKS Mechanical Conceptual User Interface

Some items in the SWMC user interface are shared with other apps on the 3DExperience Platform. These include the compass, search field, and services buttons on the top bar. Other elements are unique to working within SWMC including the action bar, design tree, tabs, bread crumbs, dialog windows, and task panel.

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  • Single Modeling Environment

Discover concepts of working within a single modeling environment and the structure of the design tree. Explore how to quickly transition between features and assembly components to restructure your concept design.

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  • How to do Concept Design

SWMC can be used to develop concepts using a variety of detail. Capabilities exist to explore concept mechanisms using simple 2D sketches, 3D primitive shapes, full 3D parametric designs, or a combination of techniques.

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  • Sketch Booleans

Sketch Booleans can be generated from the addition, subtraction, or intersection of overlapping sketch objects. The original geometry used in creating the sketch Boolean is retained in the design tree and can be shown in the work area. Sketch Booleans can also be removed to return to the original geometry.

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MySolidWorks Training offers all users more than 10 hours of no-cost online training. SOLIDWORKS Subscription Services customers have the added benefit of MySolidWorks Professional’s 100+ hours of online training modules including access to SOLIDWORKS Certification prep courses.

Visit MySolidWorks today to advance your skills and take advantage to the professional development tools at your fingertips.


Mike Fearon

Mike Fearon

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