SOLIDWORKS World 2015 – By the Numbers

Did you know, there is a place where great things happen and where more than 5,000 of your peers go to find answers to everyday design and engineering challenges? They go to learn about the industry, network with other designers, test-drive the latest tools, and preview the future of SOLIDWORKS. It exists and SOLIDWORKS World is the place to be this February 2015. Are you with us?

So, let’s just take a quick look at SOLIDWORKS World by the numbers.

  • 100+ solutions to discover from that will add value to your SOLIDWORKS design process. Solve design challenges or see how a native solution can fill a gap for you. Come check them out!
  • 200+ sessions led by tech and industry gurus. These breakout sessions will boggle your mind and expand your knowledge. Watch and learn from some of the best.
  • 41 Hours allotted at the conference for making connections, learning, and getting inspired by fellow designers and engineers. Think fun.
  • 6,000 square feet where you’ll explore new technologies and check out cool products designed in SOLIDWORKS in our Product Design Showcase. Expand your view.
  • 17 years we’ve been bringing the SOLIDWORKS Community together in one location. Quite a track record!
  • 2.5 million product designers and engineers we call customers, representing 182,300+ organizations worldwide. And growing.
  • INFINITE WAYS our extensive suite of design and productivity tools can simplify your design challenges. Yes, priceless.

So what are you waiting for, register today to become part of this amazing event! We promise, it’s time well spent and your boss won’t be disappointed in his investment, in you!


Alyson Savelle

Alyson Savelle

Senior Manager, Brand Offer Marketing SOLIDWORKS guru; all things technology, sports aficionado, scuba-diver, snowboarder, photographer, traveler, book worm & movie junkie!
Alyson Savelle
Alyson Savelle