A Webinar Lesson from DraftSight: Remember, Learning Starts by Doing

How much do you remember about the news you read two weeks ago? What do you recall from a trade show presentation you sat through in June? Unless you’re blessed with an eidetic memory, you generally may not remember much of what you’ve read or heard after two weeks. In fact, some classic studies tend to pinpoint reading recall for most people at a mere 10%.

To help change this, earlier this month, Mark Lyons, DraftSight Senior User Experience Specialist, hosted a project-based webinar that provided users with the opportunity to actively participate in a drawing lesson. Unlike just watching or reading, experiencing a lesson in real-time boosts your memory recall to 90%. Put simply, humans learn by doing.

The one-hour webinar (click here to access the full presentation) guided viewers through the challenge of creating three drawing assignments including two “detail drawings” and one “assembly drawing”. One of the most time consuming aspects of the project was manually constructing a curved slot as part of the installation bracket.


This is necessary to create all of the construction geometry, including the end radii, two tangent curves and the slot centerline. Constructing the geometry associated with this bracket can be time consuming. However, DraftSight Professional users can bypass this extra work – and time, altogether. With the use of DraftSight Professional’s toolbox, adding this curved slot was as simple as clicking a button. Instead of taking up to 10 minutes to manually draw the curved slot, you can press a button and get the same accurate result in a second.

DraftSight professional is full of efficiencies to streamline your design projects. By taking advantage of features, such as the Toolbox, Drawing Compare and Batch Printing, you’ll complete more work in less time. If memory research is to be trusted, you won’t remember the last time you had this much extra time on your hands.


Watch the video to learn more about DraftSight Professional and click this link or the below banner to find out how you can begin using DraftSight Professional with a free 30-day trial.



Mike Fearon

Mike Fearon

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