eDrawings updates announced at SolidWorks World 2014

You may recall that we released eDrawings Viewer for Android last summer, but many of you have been asking for a Professional version, with features comparable to the ones available in eDrawings Professional for iOS.

Today, we’re happy to announce that Android customers can upgrade to eDrawings Professional via in-app purchase. When you upgrade, you’ll be able to do things such as:

  • Measure your designs (distance, angles, lengths, point to point & more)
  • Dynamically view cross sections of your models in XY, YZ, or ZX directions from both sides and easily drag the cross section plane
  • Create mark-up in your designs, including text notes and freehand notations
  • Share marked up eDrawings files with others for review and further comments. All marks-up with history are saved within the eDrawings file.

Screenshot_2014-01-21-14-10-47 Screenshot_2014-01-21-14-28-01

Screenshot_2014-01-21-14-04-30  Screenshot_2014-01-21-14-35-20

eDrawings for Android is currently available in the Google Play Store for $1.99, and the Professional upgrade is an additional $7.99.

Another interesting thing happening here at World is the sneak peek we are providing of eDrawings Meetings. Think of it as the intersection between engineering, remote meetings, and Augmented Reality (AR). Let’s say a company in Boston is designing a store display for a company in Los Angeles. Early in the design process, the team wants to see the display in an actual store, but no physical prototypes have been built yet. Today, the Boston company can send an eDrawing to LA and with eDrawings on the iPad, AR can be used to see a full-size virtual model in the store. But when you add eDrawings Meetings, the Boston design team can see and interact with the virtual model in the LA store, all in real-time. It is very cool and must be experienced to really appreciate.


We are previewing a pre-Beta version of eDrawings Meetings. We want to start getting feedback on the concept and determine if this is a product the SolidWorks community really wants. There is no release date yet, but again, community reaction will certainly influence this. Let us know what you think about this as a possible product.

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