Got 22 Minutes? Why not learn something new about SolidWorks?


So, who decided that all classes or meetings should be an
hour long anyway
?  Most meetings here at SolidWorks take an hour…sometimes just 30 minutes (these are my favorite).  But, I wonder if anyone ever did a study on the ideal meeting time?!  I previously worked at a company that had 15 minute stand-up meetings.  These were good, but they always ran over the 15 minutes.

We have found that a good SolidWorks webinar only needs to take 22 minutes.  The timing of the webinar breaks down this way: 10 minutes for an overview and identifying the challenges, 10 minutes for a product exploration (product demo), and a couple minutes for stuff like intros and the conclusion.  So far, we have received extremely positive feedback on the timing.  People feel like they get enough information and they don’t have to sit through 30 or more minutes of gibberish and fluff (I
think that’s a technical term).

We have heard very positive feedback from you about the webinars, particularly around “useful information” and “great presenters,” but I think there must be some who just like them because nobody wants to sit through an hour long
presentation? Like this guy.


I remember sitting in on a webinar recently, where it took almost 10 minutes to introduce the 5 presenters…seriously.  I logged off after 11 minutes.

So, if you are interested in learning more about our products, and don’t want to spend an hour doing it, you should check out the Upcoming SolidWorks 22-Minute webinars page here.

Also, we record all of our webinars and place them here (you may have to register): SolidWorks 22-Minute Recorded Webinars page.

If you’re interested in webinar topics we have not presented yet, please let us know (comments below are fine). We will be sure to find an expert, and put 22-minutes on his/her calendar.




Cliff Medling

Cliff Medling is a Senior Marketing Manager at SolidWorks and the host for the Born to Design Podcast.