SolidWorks Enterprise PDM – Using the Report Generator

The SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Report Generator can be used to search in a selected file vault for information that you can specify in one or more queries.

A number of sample queries are distributed with SolidWorks Enterprise PDM and can be added to the report generator. The sample reports can be accessed on a client, by clicking on Report Examples 1.crp in the SolidWorks Enterprise PDM installation directory. The sample queries include ‘File Details’, ‘List all Referenced Docs’, ‘List Work Flows’, ‘Group Members’, ‘Documents in Workflow State’, ‘List Assembly Tree’ just to mention a few.

When you double-click on Report Examples 1.crp, you will be presented with a series of screens that allow you choose which users have access to each Report Generator queries.


Jan 10.1

Once you set permission for all the queries, the SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Report Generator will open and the queries will appear in the top left panel.

Jan 10.2

After selecting one or more queries and clicking on run, the results will be listed on the lower panel.

Jan 10.3

You can also import queries, save the result of your queries, or choose which vault to run the query on.

The Report Generator can also be launched from the Tools pull-down in the local vault view.

Jan 10.4

The SolidWorks Knowledge Base Article ‘S-013369? explains how to create your own query. To access the SolidWorks Knowledge Base, log into your SolidWorks Customer Portal account and click on the link for Knowledge Base. A current SolidWorks Subscription Service account is required to access the Knowledge Base.

Joe Medeiros is a Senior Application Engineer at Javelin Technologies, a SolidWorks Value Added Reseller with locations in Ontario and Nova Scotia, Canada. He is a regular contributor to the Javelin blog.

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