SolidWorks’ Users Ignite the 2012 MassChallenge Competition

The world is full of great ideas and MassChallenge is helping novice entrepreneurs make their ideas a reality. MassChallenge’s global accelerator program and startup competition is designed to give entrepreneurs the momentum needed to launch and succeed.

Each year, through a partnership with SolidWorks and FISHER/UNITECH, the MassChallenge is able to provide its teams with access to SolidWorks 3D CAD software to help accelerate their design process; SolidWorks’ suite of tools enable MassChallenge teams to virtually test their ideas against real world conditions – eliminating costs traditionally associated with bringing a product to market. This partnership is just one way MassChallenge empowers a cross-collaborative environment to help entrepreneurs solve problems better and faster.

HelmetHub designed in SolidWorks
The HelmetHub helmet dispenser, designed in SolidWorks, stands alongside existing bikeshare stations to ensure that helmets are available for participants.

This year, 1,237 applications from 35 countries and 36 states were submitted, and the MassChallenge judges had the difficult job of narrowing them down to the 125 highest-impact startups. The selected startups were invited to participate in a three-month accelerator program providing intensive
mentoring and access to resources including free office space, legal support, and targeted introductions to customers and funding sources.

More than 300 expert judges were involved in 900+ hours of deliberation to refine the list of the highest-impact startups to the top two percent. The 26 finalists will compete to be one of the 10-20 startups to split $1,000,000 in cash rewards.  The winning startups will be announced at the  MassChallenge Awards Ceremony on Tuesday, October 23, 2012.

GRIT Leveraged Freedom Chair designed in SolidWorks
The Leveraged Freedom Chair, designed by Global Research and Innovation & Technology in SolidWorks, features a unique drivetrain to help people with disabilities navigate rough terrain all over the world.

Seven companies from the final 26 are using SolidWorks to help bring their ideas to life in the industries of High Tech, Energy & Clean Tech, Life Sciences/Healthcare and Social Impact:

  • Bounce Imaging
    saves lives by letting soldiers and first responders view hazardous environments remotely and at a low cost.
  • Dynamo Micropower
    has developed a novel microturbine that is fuel-flexible, robust and more efficient than small diesel.
  • HelmetHub Corporation
    promotes safe cycling practices among bikeshare users with its helmet vending solution that dispenses and allows for the return of helmets.
  • Strong Arm Technologies, Inc. developed a solution to take the force of a load and disperses them to stronger more stable areas of the lifters’ torso. In doing so, Strong Arm helps workers lift safer and with less effort by constraining users into a proper ergonomic lifting posture.
  • WindGap Medical Inc.
    makes a miniature, temperature-insensitive alternative to the EpiPen ® addressing a pressing need in a growing market.

Day2Night convertible heels designed in SolidWorks
The Day2Night convertible heels provide women with long-lasting comfort, giving them different heel options to accomodate different events and activities throughout the day.

This year’s list of highest-impact startups joins the ranks of other SolidWorks’ users in the MassChallenge Hall of Fame like Roof for Two , Day2Night
Convertible Heels
and Artaic.
Check out the MassChallenge website
for the full list of the final 26 startups. Although we all wish the best of
luck to all the competitors, which SolidWorks’ customers do you think have what
it takes to win?

Matthew West

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