SolidWorks Partner Profile: SolidACE


Tell us about SolidAce 

SolidACE develops applications for the SolidWorks environment, targeted to the building, plant and process, and structural design industries.


What kinds of products do you develop?

Our flagship product is BuiltWorks – an integrated structural steel design add-in application for SolidWorks CAD environment. It’s a cost effective, light and easy set of handy structural engineering tools that complement existing SolidWorks functionality, to help you model structural
members, detail connections, and exchange steel data with third-party applications.

BuiltWorks serves SolidWorks users by extending the existing native SolidWorks functionality so that equipment or piping could be based on realistic building structures, whenever it is required. With the AEC industry specific translators (CIS/2, SDNF, OpenSTAAD), BuiltWorks makes SolidWorks a kind of data-centric solution in Building or Plant design workflow.


 How might a SolidWrks customer use BuiltWorks?

Let’s say you design the plant equipment in SolidWorks (vessels, pumps, pipes and valves, etc.). You need a structure of the plant facility or house to have in SolidWorks to place the equipment around it. The industrial building are mostly built in steel. So BuiltWorks allow to quickly design a general arrangement steel structure and use it for equipment placement.

Very often you don’t want to do a structural design if you are the mechanical designer. In this case BuiltWorks offer CIS/2 or SDNF import tools that allow you to create a building structure in SolidWorks from scratch in few minutes by importing the structural model available in these  formats from a wide variety of 3rd party structural or plant design systems.

Now, when you have a building structure in SolidWorks you may want to prove its stability. However in AEC industry the analysis of structures is done not with FEA simulation but with specific code-based structural analysis applications. So BuiltWorks integrates SolidWorks models directly with worlds famous CAE (structural analysis) application STAAD.Pro for code check and design, after which you can automatically update the model back in SolidWorks with the analysis results.

And, finally, the finished building structure can be exported from SolidWorks to some other 3rd party high-end structural steel detailing and  fabrication system for preparation of the manufacturing data. It is done using the same CIS/2 or SDNF formats, supported by BuiltWorks.

All these tasks are easily done when you have BuiltWorks add-in for SolidWorks.


How can customers reach you or learn more about your product?

Phone: +370 5 26 44 55 8

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