SolidWorks Partner Profile: Varatech Inc.

1. Tell us about Varatech.

Our focus is “Design for Product Build Quality” Solutions. We help companies design and build world class products that meet/exceed all their performance and quality metrics.


2. What products do you sell, or what services do you offer?

Our Sigmund Solutions Suite entails Gold Partner SigmundWorks, Sigmund Assembly Build Analysis-ABA, and Sigmund ABA Kinematics, which essentially has 3D kinematics enabling a true understanding of the design build capability and performance of mechanisms in a real-world manufacturing/variation environment.

We also have a new product “Sigmund Drive” which was a joint development with our marquee client John Deere. Sigmund Drive specifically addresses the needs of evaluating drive trains, transmissions and various gear cases. This is currently being rolled out at Deere globally and will subsequently be offered to the public in Fall 2012.

Additionally, we offer consulting services that include Sigmund Software training, Functional GD&T, “Design for Product Build Quality” process implementation, setting up quality programs, ongoing support to help clients with complex design needs and manufacturing, build challenges or spikes in work load, Just in time consulting to help put out fires.


3. Why should SolidWorks customers be interested in your product?

We help companies improve their profitability and competitiveness.In our view, every design and manufacturing company needs to know:

  • Their parts are going to go together 100% of the time, and that when they do, they produce a world class product (s) that operates optimally and meets/exceeds all performance and quality objectives.
  • Where precision is needed and even more importantly, where it is not enabling a quality up, cost down scenario. They are all up against fierce cost competition and pressure to drive-down component cost.
  • How to avoid the very significant cost of problems at product launch causing redesign, retool, launch delays and continuing customer dissatisfaction in the Build Quality of their products.

 Once they have a design that supports product build quality, they need to maintain it.


4. How do your products help SolidWorks users be more successful and productive?

Extending upon the benefits mentioned above, Sigmund creates value across multiple departments including: design studio, design engineering, process, manufacturing, quality, and supply chain. Sigmund creates living models and a build quality knowledge base that can be leveraged by downstream departments throughout the life of the product. We also help customers understand design sensitivity and optimize/de-sensitize designs.

Production and production variation issues are going to go on throughout the life of the product. A build quality knowledge base helps deal with and resolves real time issues. This is particularly important across distributed supply chains.

Process implementation deals with defining various activities that must take place during the development of a product. To ensure this can be achieved, we help the client create a closed loop deductive system to drive the design and maintain product build quality.


5. Who is using your products?

We're helping customers such as Roche GmbH, John Deere and Ford Motor Company improve product yield 99.999%, reduce product failure rates to 0.001%, and improve modeling efficiency by over 300%.


6.       How can customers reach you or learn more about your product:


Phone:                 616.393.6408



Twitter:      !/VaratechSigmund




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