SolidWorks World 2012 Partner Profile: Objet 3D Printers #sww12

One of the things we've heard from SolidWorks World attendees over the past few years is that you'd like to learn more in advance about the SolidWorks partners who set up booths in the Partner Pavilion. So now through SolidWorks World 2012, we'll be posting a series of blog entries about some of the partners you might think about checking out, and the people who will be representing them. Today we hear from Objet, Inc.


1. Tell us a little bit about Objet.

Objet produces and markets high quality 3D printers and 3D printing materials, mainly for the rapid prototyping needs of design, engineering and manufacturing companies. As a company, Objet has its headquarters in Rechovot, Israel and has been operating worldwide for nearly 13 years. Our technology background is based upon inkjet printing principles, but using resin photopolymer based materials to create the actual models and prototypes.


2. What products do you sell that might appeal to SolidWorks users?

Objet offers 3 different lines of 3D printers and almost 70 different 3D printing materials today. Our 3D printers fall into 3 families: Desktop line, Professional Eden line and Objet Connex line. In total we have 9 different printers, ranging from the smallest, Objet24, able to print our very reliable Objet VeroWhitePlus, to the Objet Connex500, able to print 68 different materials, including two at the same time.

Our range of 3D printing materials is constantly growing. As of December 2011 we have 68 different materials with different families including the rigid opaque ‘Vero’ family, rubber-like ‘Tango’ family, 2 transparent materials, an ABS-like material, a high temperature material, a bio-compatible transparent material, and 51 ‘composite’ materials that can be created by combining some of these materials together to produce new materials, what we call ‘Digital Materials’.

3. How can your Objet printers help make a SolidWorks user’s life easier?

First of all, Objet’s 3D printers are workhorses. Unlike many of the other technologies out there today, Objet machines are extremely reliable and our users regularly leave them running overnight, without supervision. This is vitally critical when time is short and deadlines are waiting. All our systems are office compatible and office friendly – they don’t need any particularly special operating environment, something that is also of great benefit to users.

Also hugely useful – Objet’s Connex range of multi-material 3D printers enables designers and engineers to really simulate the true look, feel and function of an end-product, even complex assembled goods. And with its simultaneous multi-material technology, it’s possible to not only print mixed-material models, but you can also print different color/texture versions all at the same time thus cutting waiting times between design iterations and even serving multiple users all at once.


Objet halo

4. Why should SolidWorks World attendees visit your booth? What will be special or exciting?

Stop by our booth where you will see many cool and exciting printed parts on display that feature our new materials and new technology, including the Halo figurine that was printed on our Objet Connex printer in a single print with no assembly.


5. How can customers learn more about your products?

SolidWorks World attendees can find us at booth #500 in the Partner Pavilion. You can also find us at:


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Telephone number – 1.877.489.9449

Facebook page –

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