Matti Technology AG uses SolidWorks to shorten design cycles by up to 20%

They may not be a household name, but Switzerland's Matti Technology AG is a major player in the development of printing presses, finishing lines, drying techniques, and digital printing technologies. They provide high-speed solutions to support a variety of business printing needs, and have successfully integrated a thousand different digital systems


Matti Technology first learned about SolidWorks when the Eastman Kodak Company asked them to use  the software to develop one of its systems. In a new case study published to our website, Thomas Schwarz, head of Matti's PDM and CAD Project, explains how that experience prompted Matti to standardize on SolidWorks design, simulation, and PDM solutions.

Today, Matti relies on SolidWorks integrated solutions to accelerate the development of complex assemblies for its high-speed printers and energize its collaborative design teams. Check out the case study to see how SolidWorks software helps Matti Technology shorten design cycles, cut development costs, and reduce prototyping requirements.

Matthew West

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